I hate Spammers

Time for a good Saturday rant so I can vent it all out and get on with my beautiful day.

I am so incredibly tired of spammers. What a waste of space. They used to just mildly irritate me. Nature of the beast and all that. I didn’t give it much thought.

Recently, it does more than irritate – it makes me mad. For a few days I have been contemplating whether of not I am overreacting or if my furor was warranted.

I have decided it is justified.

First – what a freaking time waster. Do I have spam filters? Sure I do. But I have to go through them to make sure something legitimate did not get hung up with the garbage. Great comments from friends of the blog, fairly important emails, and actual need to know notifications have been fished out of these filters. I hate to think about the ones I missed.

Second – I get hung up in spam filters. I have gotten a few (not too many, thank goodness) that says something like,”Sorry it’s taken so long. I found you in my filter.” Ugh!

Third (and most important) – The spam is incredibly sexually explicit. They do not live in the world of innuendo or suggestion. They are blatant and they do not wait for the message – it’s right there in the subject. That may be fine for some folks to just hit delete. Heck, I don’t even mind it – I don’t like it but I also know where the delete button is. But, I have children in my home and while we police their computer usage very carefully, keeping this out of their sight is a daunting task.

Putting the trash out there for all the kids to see. Filling the world with garbage. Nice. Good job, Spammers.


  1. Creechman says:

    I know. It’s a constant hassle. I use ad-aware daily, which seems to work, plus the normal Norton anti-virus. But most comments to my blog, well 30% are probably spam. I had to turn off the trackback feature, which I really regret, because that can be useful.

    Hang in there. Don’t go Crazy.

  2. April,

    I also hate spammers. You have them in your email boxes, they are there on the blog, they are just EVERY where 🙁

    I am at a loss as to what to do with the Spam posts caught by akismet because two messages are not spam and they are not meant to appear as comments on my blog.

    We will continue doing our best instead of letting this shameless spammers wind us up 🙂

    Want to remind you of my group writing project starting tomorrow. I am expecting your article pretty soon.

    Keep up the great work Ma’am.

    Love ya 😉

  3. Creechman – I know…I will try to hold on to my sanity. Irritating!

  4. Adebola – I am looking forward to participating 🙂

    Is Thursday okay?

  5. Congrats on the Egelnest award!

    I’m with you on the spammers. They are bad bad bad people!

  6. Rachel,


    Yeah – UGH all the way 😛

  7. Hey April,
    I hear ya! The spam is crazy. Every day I am amazed by the subject lines that spammers use. They are often gross, crude, and inappropriate! Perhaps we all need to start intending that our email boxes are only filled with useful and wanted content. 😉

  8. Kirsten,

    That is why I am so glad you are my friend. I would have never thought of adding that to my intentions…but, I need to…the more spam I get, the more I think about it because I am frustrated, and the more spam I get…

    You are brilliant

  9. Sorry April for coming back here late.

    Ouch! Today is Thursday. 🙂

    So, I will be awaiting your post.

  10. Hey April,
    To be honest I was doing the same thing – focusing on the spam and creating more of it.

    It’s funny I did use intention to stop the spams that get burried in my inbox because of backdating. For some reason, I stopped there.

    It will be fun to watch what happens as we focus on having only wanted and useful content in our mailboxes.

  11. “They do not live in the world of innuendo or suggestion.”

    This wind my award for understatement of the year.

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