Leadership Bryan County

Leadership Bryan County class #2 had it all over class #1. Don’t get me wrong – learning about my Meyers-Briggs was neat. Hanging out with the cool kids was even better. But nothing could beat spending the day out at Epworth by the Sea.
Started easy enough. Weather was kinda crappy but I didn’t have to drive. Day started early, but there was breakfast when we got there. That’s always a good start.

The morning went well. Brain teasers, team building, lessons learned. Our facilitator was PHENOM!! Which turned out to be good for me because I would need somebody good at his job after lunch.

The afternoon…whew…climbing a rock wall and doing the zip line. Seems easy enough. Till you realize the rock wall is this far up.

And the zip line is up a 45 foot pole with a little platform that you have to jump off. Notice none of those factors bothered Shirley at all. I, on the other hand, kept my eyes closed.

It was a great time. I felt strong at the top of the wall, and fearless even with my eyes closed.

But they day was more that death defying tricks and trying to swing on a rope with out spilling water. We had the opportunity to learn yet more about each other and ourselves. Not mention the really cool porch.



  1. You were one of the few that made it to the top! We really didn’t realize how hard it is till we were actually on that wall. I still can’t believe I made it half way!

    • It was too much fun! It looked easy and hard all at the same time…I had never done one before, so I was a bit nervous. I was totally impressed by how well everybody did 🙂

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