The Candidates are answering – well, some of them…

You may recall we discussed the City Council spots coming up for a vote November 6th. This generated some questions and some searching emails to all involved, in so much as I could find them. You would think I would at least run into somebody at Kroger or something. After all, it is Richmond Hill.

First, I am proud to say I have been educated on what a “post” is. As I suspected, it is typically a district in a city. Where I got confused was, if that was the case, why do I get to vote in each? Well, Richmond Hill has “posts,” but, because of our size, they are not big enough to be exclusive. Therefore, while the posts may be numbered, they are essentially “at large.”

That created a new question. How does a candidate get placed in a post on ballot? Simple – they just choose the one they want to sign up for.

Now that’s out of the way, I am going to get to the individual candidates of which there are 6.

  • 2 I have interviewed and that information will be posted soon – I had a nice time talking over coffees with Van Hunter and Darryl Petermann
  • 1 declined due to time unavailability – I hope Marilyn Hodges will change her mind
  • 1 was supported by a resident, which has to be a good thing – I am looking forward to speaking with Kevin Artz directly
  • 2 have not responded – I will try again to contact the incumbents, Jimmy Hires and Billy Albritton. I am looking forward to speaking with them.

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