Not liking the Plan B

Let me start today by explaining that I don’t think “failure” is a bad word. To me, it means, “I stretched and pulled a muscle. Better warm up, prepare, train, and try harder the next time.”

The bad words are

  • didn’t give it my all
  • not prepared
  • I can’t because I am scared
  • I can’t because I am lazy
  • I won’t because it’s hard

Those are bad words – not “failure.”I love reading Brad Isaac’s thought’s on the subject.

I’ll tell you when I’ll stop. When it’s done.

I may not break through today, tomorrow or the next, but it will happen; one way or another. I hope it won’t take me 700 tries. But if it does then that means I’ve done something very few people can do…Persistence is what makes you and me different than others. Climbing to the other side of the mountain even though people say it’s “impossible” or “can’t be done” has got to be our specialty… one failure is ok, 100 failures is a whole lot better. If you don’t fail and fail a lot you probably aren’t stretching yourself. You aren’t creating, inventing or designing extraordinary results. Failing, and adjusting your actions and failing again is how success happens.

I don’t like having a “Plan B.” It makes me lazy, I second guess myself, I accept failure, and don’t act like my life depends on success. In a nutshell – it makes me weak.

I am a huge fan of preparation and planning. Weird huh? Not really. I plan for the best. While planning, I always ask, “What’s the worst thing that could happen?” If the outcome and probabilty of the worst are acceptable to me, I move forward – Not because I have a “Plan B”, but because I am prepared for the failure of “Plan A.”

I guess this is the thought that comes through when I talk about the umbrella. This is also why I see Rocky’s loss in Rocky III as one of the best things that could have happened to him. It is the reason failure is not the end but giving up or never starting is.

I believe in relationships and personal interactions. That is my safety net. I am not an island. I am not independent. I am not self reliant. Does that sound weak? It’s not. It’s reality. It is a life full of people I depend on and depend on me.

The whole notion of Fallback is new to me (thanks to Pete). And I am not sure what it entails or how I feel about it.

But, I am certain…when you are packing the only chute you are going to jump out of the plane with, you are far more motivated to do it right.


  1. Hi April, My feelings on the fall back plan are that it isn’t a bad thing to think about what you’ll do if you get stuck. Having a fall back – even if just mental- is creative problem solving.
    If the route I am taking is blocked by fallen trees I can fall back and take a different path.

    Usually, you can spin a “failure” into eventual success. Like the aspiring singer who learns through singing how to produce albums and finds joy as a music producer. (I know a guy who did that.)

    Sometimes the path changes us and what we want changes too. 🙂

  2. I like the metaphor of the ‘chute and getting it right. One of my friends had a tag on the end of his podcasts “You only get one shot at raising your kids; don’t screw it up.” That’s one of those areas where you definitely don’t have a fallback or Plan B…

    Your philosophy of failure is a very pragmatic and positive one!

  3. So what is this really about April?

    What is the issue you don’t want to have a Plan B for?

    Just wondering. 🙂

  4. Interesting . . . I think I still like having a plan B for some things. Obviously, stuff like kids are to be done in one shot, though! 😀 But in many cases, even if Plan A works, Plan B can be a way to follow up and improve things.

  5. Brad, I hear you. I typically wait to consider what I’ll do if I get stuck when I get stuck. Sounds like poor planning, I know. But I have an issue with borrowing trouble. There are eleventy billion things that can go wrong. There is no way I can plan for all of them until I know which one is actually going to happen.

    And I am all about the failure spin 🙂

  6. Pete – Thanks. I just think life is too short and too busy to be focused and consumed to plan for all possibilities and obsess over failure.

    I love that tag line!

  7. Athol – I don’t have a plan B for anything that I can think of 😛

  8. Genesis – I think we may agree…I just don’t have a Plan B…I have a new Plan A 🙂

    I don’t assume error, fault, or failure. I do assume success and positive results. Once I get to a place where it seems I am not tracking or the goals need to be redefined, I make a new plan or adjustments to the old one.

    BTW, I love ExPat Mom

  9. Thats good to know you always have your plan A working.
    Great post.

    Love & Gratitude,
    Think Simple. Be Decisive.

  10. Tina – at least I hope it’s working 🙂

    BTW – your blog is beautiful…both visually and mentally. I am glad you stopped by.

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