Natural Madison

Natural Madison

We come into contact with families touched by military deployments everyday in our area. We know of yellow ribbons, waving flags, and spouses going it alone, patiently waiting for the other half of their union to return.

Most of them will tell you they stay busy.

Jennifer will tell you she started a business.

When Chris deployed in 2005, Jennifer decided to take back up a childhood hobby – soap making. Her inventiveness turned into the online boutique, Natural Madison.

Jennifer creates her own custom scents and designs. What she has created is an all natural, homemade line of soaps, smells, and body items that will tickle your fancy.

I spent an hour smelling, feeling, wondering, dreaming, obsessing over all the great things she had put together – right there in her dining room.

  • How do you come up with the smells? Trial and error.
  • What did the first batch of hot chocolate taste like? Needed milk and sugar.
  • What’s Madison’s favorite thing? The chocolate chip cookie soap. He tried to eat the first one.
  • Do you do custom stuff? Of course!

Time ticked and I had to go. Stuck my Chocolate Raspberry Lip Oil present in my pocket, jumped in my van, thought to myself, “I can’t wait to blog this!”

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