N – Narrating and Named

I cannot draw or sing or play an instrument.  I find these faults unfortunate, but have resigned myself to understanding that these are not my talents in life.  I seek solace in the fact that I am gifted with nouns and verbs.  I can tell a story – yours or mine.  I can, if correctly centered, paint with words. 

I love to read the stories of others.  I enjoy picking through semantics, finding details in the punctuation, word choice…endings.  Watching the words of others can keep me entertained for hours.  Hearing them sloppily placed, ill used, or haphazardly designed sends me reaching for a red pen.

I am consistently labeled.  “What is your bio?”  How often are we asked that question?  What do we say?  Wife, husband, mother, father, daughter, son, friend, realtor, banker, attorney, biker, boater, writer, loafer, dreamer…

These descriptive words aren’t terrible. In fact, many of them are wonderful.  However, if we aren’t incredibly careful, being named can limit your dreams.

Understanding Both is Important

Because I love the verbal nature of my brain, I am constantly narrating my own story in my head.  I dream big dreams and imagine huge accomplishments.  These visions usually have a name – and these names often create a canopy that set the height limits on my fantasies.  If I am going to be this thing, then this other thing I cannot do.  Or, I cannot do that within the confines of this.

It is important to know our own limits.  But, it is more important not to create ones for ourselves that are not actually there. 

How often do we get excited about the narration of our lives, only to be brought back down to earth prematurely by a name?

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  1. Joanna Young says:

    Hi April

    I loved this post – and recognised myself as a fellow narrator!

    We can get boxed in by words, labels and names – but it’s so much fun when we learn how to start telling our own story, and using language to open up the landscape, to create new possibilities…

    But you know that! 🙂


  2. Joanna – thank you! And I did know that…but I couldn’t have put it as beautifully as you did! I love that!
    “language to open up the landscape”
    You are awesome!

  3. omg this is awsome !
    i use it for my projects all the time
    well at least once i guess
    but there still awsome : )

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