It’s all about the children…part 1

Give me a freaking break! Today I am irritated.  And I have a sinus infection.  And the kids are congested due to the change in weather.  Add it all up, and I may have to take this post down after the pain and swelling goes away.

Those of you who know, know that I am passionate about children.  All of them. They did not ask to be here, they have limited ability, limited choice, limited resources. It is up to us to take care of them. This should be our number one priority.

Because I believe in this so strongly, I am immediately sensitive to those who use children to further their own agenda.

Hillary’s healthcare plan that is obviously socialized medicine was the first. I haven’t addressed it here because you know me and controversy on the web don’t mix – but I told you I was irritated.

The idea is to have government oversee the entire health industry. That’s a great idea. Name one program that has done better under the government system…just one…I’ll wait.

I don’t see lines of people ready to praise the ease of obtaining social security, medicare, or VA benefits. I don’t see anybody giving up their health insurance so they can go down to the government run clinics. Oh – you think that under this social medicare program you’ll get to go to the big fancy places those other guys get to go. Fat chance. They will all become government run clinics – under funded, under staffed, and over worked. I am still waiting for you to name the one program…

The biggie is the babies…but what about the babies.

Look, I have four of them. I have had military insurance, business insurance, private insurance and no insurance. Guess what? Kids have always been taken care of. Always. Without this government program. In fact, they probably got taken care of better when I had no insurance. Why? I dunno – but my guess would be that the doctors actually wanted my children to be healthy. Because I had to pay out of pocket, they assumed I would not be quick to bring them back in. So, they made sure they checked out everything. Time for the medicine – I got the name brand stuff, no generic for me. Bunches of the free samples that the pharmaceutical reps bring in.

Speaking of medicine.  They recalled lots of the cold medicine for children.  They want to recall more.  Know what’s wrong with it?  Nothing.  But, that’ll have to wait for tomorrow…


  1. Great post! I feel your pain….actually I really do becuase I have my kids’ cold and then hurt my neck at the gym last week. I called Kaiser this morning and guess what…no appointments….so they told me to go wait in Minor Injury 30 minutes away for who knows how long. Think I’ll pass and go straight to my massage therapist! The point is…if I need care…I have to be a B***h to get what I need or go find the care elsewhere (but I’ll have to pay for it). There has to be a better solution then lining up like cattle.

  2. Hope you don’t take this post down when you’re feeling better. It’s totally valid and well said!

  3. Nik – I hope you are feeling better. But you are right. Wait, complain, or pay – those really are our options.

    Pete – thanks…I am feeling a little better, will leave it up just for you, and continue my rant today 🙂


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