Woo Hoo Thursday

It’s Woo Hoo Thursday

No, I am not rolling out a new series.  Not every Thursday will be Woo Hoo – but this one is.

First, I have gotten over the plague.  Ok, so maybe that’s a bit melodramatic – but just a bit.

Next, local photographer Andrea Hillis has graciously agreed to save me from stock photo land – well, at least help out.  You guys are gonna love her stuff.  Wanna take a peak?  Click here – go ahead, it’s great stuff.

Third, didn’t realize it, but Mr. Troy Worman (who so graciously named My Beautiful Chaos one of his ON! blogs) has another list of award winners. Making Life Work for You is an O! Blog. Thanks, Troy – you rock!

Lastly, Agent Genius has moved over to the dark side and invited some collaborators into his world.  Guess who got a gold ticket?  That’s right!  You will never believe who I am writing with.

So – Woo Hoo!!

Hope everybody else is having a great day – if not, lemme know, you can borrow some of mine 🙂


  1. I still have no idea who Kanye West is…

  2. Hey, Girl ! Photographers are going around tagging peoples blogs. You tag eight people and then those tagged have to tell eight little known facts about themselves. You have probably done this but if not I’m tagging you…ha-ha! If you need more photos let me know. Andrea rocks we are doing two very big jobs together….I’m excited! Talk to you soon. marianne

  3. It is agentgenius.com that is blessed to have you April. You will certainly raise the level of conversation in our s0-called darkside. Thank you for saying yes.

  4. By the way, you aughta dump blogrush. =[ everyone else is…

  5. April, I am SO glad you’re at AgentGenius- it will be great to hear your national opinions 🙂 SPICY!!!

  6. I didn’t see my name on the list. Dang. Must try harder.

    Perhaps you didn’t get the office memo:

    Creechman is a literary genius.

  7. Athol…try wikipedia…2006-2007 entry in particular

    Benn – Thanks…I look at the contributor list you have complied and I just get giddy to be included.

    Ah…blog rush…I am such the sucker for the underdog…

    Lani – 😛 your the best

    Marianne – I have done it before…if I can think of eight more things, I’ll do it again…just for you! Give me a call this week – we need to get together for some food and conversation (I guess I could’ve just said lunch 🙂 )

    Creech – I got the memo – unfortunately you sent it to me…low on the totem pole – but I’ll remember you when I accomplish world domination 😛

  8. Always good to have a bit of woo hoo in the day

  9. Steve – I think so 🙂

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