Do you know who is running for the City Council spots?

General Elections are November 6th.

You can find the election notice here.

To save you the trouble, I’ll go ahead and fill you in.

Council Post Three

  • Jimmy Hires (incumbent)
  • Van Hunter

Council Post Four

  • Billy Albritton (Incumbent)
  • Darryl Petermann
  • Marilyn Hodges
  • Kevin Artz

Blogging Richmond Hill has gotten a request to attempt to host a Q&A of these folks to see where they stand on city issues such as growth, representation, taxes, and general platform.

I’d love to do this…but I don’t know how to get a hold of all of them. I see their signs everywhere. No websites and no contact.

So – here’s mine – email me at

Tell them we are looking for them. Then send us your questions…we love to try to get them answered.


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