Leadership Bryan County

But, before I get into Leadership Bryan County, I have an announcement to make.

It is true.  All the rumors, the whispers, the innuendo.  I am, in fact, a Nacho Blogger!

Thanks, Lani – you are awesome.  Now that we have quelled the suspicion, on to the topic at hand.

I promised yesterday I would tell you more about Leadership Bryan County since I got all excited about the Meyers-Briggs testing.  And I am – just not here…how about here instead.  Thought you might like a little taste (very little, this is my new baby) of where I am from.


  1. I’m glad you’ve gotten nootrients and strengths 😉 You deserve it!

    HEY- I LOVE the “new baby” of a blog- wonderful concept layout and amazing header. I LOVE IT!!!

  2. Richmond Hill is fabulous. Did you do that header yourself?

  3. Creechman says:

    Dear April,

    I May have had August respect for your September moments, until that nacho thing. But we March along.

    That’s weak, but you like to live on the cheesy side.

    Hubby is a whiz at headers and layouts. We all know it’s cheese whiz.

  4. Lani…I have got to rent that movie…I am missing references all over the place…

    Jay – Thanks! As a matter of fact – sorta. My sweetie of a husband did it. Those are actually our kids. They are sitting in our hallway. He is a whiz!!! He has done all my headers and he lays out all my advertising too 🙂

  5. BTW – the article about school traffic – he did that cartoon too 🙂 Can ya tell I think he’s great?

  6. Lani said she couldn’t be bought when it comes to the Nacho awards.

    So, I know you deserved it!

  7. Creechman – I am assuming a bunch of movie references that I am missing because I haven’t seen it. Lani has already threatened to fire me (whatever THAT means 😛 )

    At any rate – you were very creative and nacho cheesy 🙂

  8. Shailesh – that’s what she says…I dunno…I’ll let you know if I get a bill in the mail!

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