The Leadership Challenge

The Leadership Challenge

The Leadership Challenge (4th ed.) by James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner is destined for a rave review over at The Reading Chair  – just as soon as I finish it.  But, the information contained in it is just to relevant to wait.

I’ll tell you when I decided to write about this book in chunk topics verses the end of the road overview.  Page xiii.  No kidding.  The ease of communication already had me hooked.  Then, there was the one thing that gets me excited – a call to real action with no promise of easy.

This has become quite the point in many of my discussions lately.  I am a very positive person.  I am a forward thinker.  I love my ipoppins.  My bubble wish wand is an arm’s length away (it makes me smile).  I believe that there are few things you can do to better start your day than affirm that it will be a great day.  The Law of Attraction is not foreign to me.  I believe in intention.

I also believe in action and preparedness.  I know things get hard and sometimes raw tenacity is all you’ve got.  I know that some journeys are so hard, when it is over, you don’t know how you made it through.  Sometimes, it just takes a bulldog effort.

So, when the writers of The Leadership Challenge said

The Leadership Challenge is written both to strengthen your abilities and to uplift your spirits. We intend to be practical and inspirational…If you engage in the practices of this book, you will improve your performance and the performance of your team. There is a catch, of course. You have to do it with commitment and consistency. Excellence in anything…requires disciplined practice. (emphasis mine)

Can’t find one thing there that I disagree with. Heck, I can’t find anything there I don’t champion.

I know through interaction, that most of the positive thinkers out there also get off the couch.  That’s what makes them great.  They talk about balance – then they strive to have it!  They talk about creating a positive change, then they do it.  They intend to be a benefit to themselves and others, then they are.

But what is it, your opinion that takes the most discipline?  When does it get especially hard?  When do you realize what the word tenacity means?

I’d be interested to know.


  1. I like that you’re so upbeat. I can see it and feel it everytime I visit your site.
    I think that the most challenging times for a lot of us is when we keep getting kicked in the pants… you know, the old sales rejections.
    Tenacity is when you can manage to let it roll off your back like the proverbial duck even though it’s easy to let the emotional reaction become personal and drag you down.
    How do you get through those spots?

  2. Hey there Zachary, I am glad you’re here – especially if you are going to say all those nice things about me 🙂

    I guess my tough times are a lot like yours. As a big dreamer, it takes my planted seeds quite a while to bear fruit. It gets tough to work hard everyday and still have to wonder about paying the bills.

    Getting through it? Ice Cream and lots of it 🙂 Seriously, I just push through until I remember why I do what it is I do. I guess that’s why this topic is so special to me. I can’t imagine giving up when things get hard…

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