Where do your Bootstraps fit in?

Thanks to Lyman Reed, I have found an awesome new resource for a meeting of the minds.  Aaron Potts has created Personal Development Partners.  Summary – meet people, discuss ideas, find inspiration. 

I found a bit of that today.  I thought I would share my first thread here.  It is a question I would love to have you guys answer.

Special thanks to Lyman and Aaron – both have made me feel wonderfully welcome. Lyman has helped me sort through where I fit in.

I have a slightly different style. I have a husband, four children, a real estate clientele, and big dreams. In short…I am busy.

As I told Lyman, I believe in the LoA, positive thinking, and the like. I also believe in pulling up your bootstraps and getting it done – even if it doesn’t feel good or it’s not resonating – sometimes you just have to get to it anyway.

My bootstraps are my favorite weapon. When all else fails, I always have my hands firmly on them. Sometimes my mind gets right first, sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes it is just raw tenacity.

Where do your bootstraps fit in?


  1. April,

    You are such a welcome edition over at PDP, and I have yet another reason to be happy that Lyman and I run in some of the same circles on the ‘net.

    I’m headed over to PDP this morning to get caught up on posting, and I’m looking forward to responding to your first post.

    Again, glad to have you with us! 🙂

  2. Aaron – thanks so much! I am having a great time over there. Thanks for having me 🙂

  3. Winners in life know how to motivate themselves. I make sure I read, hear or see something inspiring every day. My favorite right now is Dr. Randy Pausch. I don’t need to pull myself up by my bootstraps. When I’m motivated, I just fly.

  4. Jean – I agree with you in general. But, even winners have difficult moments, times of exhaustion, episodes where action will not wait for emotion. This does not make one a loser – it makes one human. You said “when I’m motivated.” What about the moments when we aren’t so much?

    We hope that these moments are few and far between. We hope that we don’t have to rely on our bootstraps. We hope very much that we don’t “need” to pull – But, I know that I can.


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