Time for Action

Time for Action

My heart is broken over at The Chaos for my dear friend Lani Anglin.  She lost her brother yesterday.  Her words are here.

Here at Life, I am passing on Greg Swann’s call to action.

Aaron Anglin is survived by a wife and two very young daughters. The way I’m reading things, he died without life insurance, which puts those three ladies on a very hard road.

If you can spare something for them, put it in the form of negotiable funds — cash, cashier’s check or money order — and overnight it to:

Aleisha Anglin
  c/o Lani Anglin
  2719 Costa Azul Cove
  Leander, TX

April is working on setting up a donation account with Bank of America, and I’ll amend this post when that account becomes available.

But: I will promise you that there are people who will want to be paid now, and this young family will have immediate and ongoing needs. There was a time in your life when fate could have hit you this hard. Now is your chance to redeem that good fortune.

Thanks, Greg.

Lani, our prayers are with you now and our help is on the way.


  1. Joanna Young says:

    April, I’m so sorry. What a waste.

    I’m sure Lani is taking comfort from having you as a friend.


  2. April,

    Is there a Paypal account we can deposit money into?

  3. YES!!! There is…See the ribbon in the sidebar. Thank you so much for asking…promote it if you see fit.

    Joanna – Thank you…”friend” what a word that is…

  4. Thank you, April. I’ve got it posted on my site.

  5. Rick, I saw it – thank you so much…your support from the beginning has be amazing.


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