The Fiesta is Chaotic

Big Thanks to Todd Carpenter over at Blog Fiesta for inviting Lani and I to come over and play.  Todd has been interviewing bloggers in the real estate and mortgage industry for a while.  He has built up quite the list.

In a small twist, Todd didn’t do the interviews.  He let us interview each other.  Fortunate for us, that’s what our emails back and forth typically look like anyway, so this wasn’t a stretch – just a bit more focused.

Lani’s interview features a great picture…and she says stuff too – something about a blushing cheeseburger in the shower (you all know how strange that dear friend of mine can be).

My interview turns to a crazy type at the end.  So you can’t see that my favorite RE blogs are

Thanks so much for inviting us over, Todd.  You have proved yourself one brave guy 🙂

**Update – Lani has a great clip included in her take on the interviews.
**Update – Todd fixed the type – Thanks! 


  1. No, Thank You April! BTW, I think I have all the “crazy type” fixed. Chaotic things can happen to text when it’s pasted from one computer, to another, to another.

  2. Todd – don’t I know! I am supposed to be posting a big list…but I can’t get the type right…ugh!

    No big deal though – gave me a great reason to list them again 🙂

  3. I am deeply distracted, humbly honored, sweetly satisfied, and gratefully grateful to know I am so considered by you. Lar

  4. Lar – and incredibly poetic today too, I see. Don’t get too distracted…I count on those brilliant blog posts that are so delectably different.

  5. Thanks for the link love April, and of course glad I make that short list. 🙂

  6. You have always been on the short list sock man 🙂

    BTW – hubby loves the bad MLS pictures…he really likes photoshop and it blows his mind that people would post those pictures when fixing them is so easy!


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