Lani Wants You to Eat Your Way to Productivity

A lot of tips fly around April’s Beautiful Chaos about how to increase your productivity and Lifehacker found this amazing list of the Top 100 Foods To Improve Your Productivity!  It looks like every food on earth is included except for my favorite food- BEEF (I couldn’t call myself a Texan if I didn’t chomp a cow at at least twice daily).

Good news– cheese, milk, green tea (mmm Arizona Tea), potatoes and dark chocolate made the list!  No wonder I clean the house like a productive person crackhead!


  1. If foods like chocolate chip cookies and carrot cake make the list, then I’m set 🙂

  2. Danielle Blogging for Balance says:

    Do you subscribe to ? Also,

    I am thinking that you already read these 🙂

  3. Thanks for pointing the way to this great list. Reading it made me really hungry.

  4. Lani – as if I needed one more reason to stuff my face 🙂 It looks like I am not the only one…When Michael, Amy, and I put on 15 pounds, we are blaming it on you!

    Danielle – These are new to me. Thanks for the links!

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