The Insanity of Waking a Sleeping Baby

It is a rare thing for me to wake a sleeping baby. I have been blessed with big, healthy newborns. I will check on them if they have been sleeping a while – but I don’t wake them up. Not for a schedule, not for a meal. I sleep when they sleep and if they are hungry, they will wake up and let the whole world know.

The other night was a rare thing. I had back to back evening meetings and got home after bedtime. I spent time winding down and watching a little TV with my beloved. Time to go to bed for me – not so much for him.

Before I walk into the bedroom, I check on the children. All is well. And there is the littlest one. So sweet in her little pajamas. I decide she can sleep with me.

This move will probably wake her up. She may not go directly back to sleep. I consider it then decide I don’t care. The mommy in me really needs to spend some cuddles with the daughter in her.

I scoop her up, walk down the hall, and we both lay down. She wakes up. But she isn’t angry. In fact, she seems quite happy with the situation. She has that sleepy smile. She giggles a bit. Smiles some more. “Talks” to me for a while. More giggles. Then she scoots close, lays her head down, puts that little thumb in her mouth, and goes back to sleep. I follow suit – minus the thumb.

I still think in most cases it’s insane to wake a sleeping baby – but I am all for being crazy every once in a while.


  1. Aww April this is awesome! I do the same thing!!! Espically when Jason is working the night shift! I love sleeping with my angels!

  2. D – Me too!

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