The Day Planned by Clinque

I am nearing the end of week two of Craig Harper’s GYST challenge. I am proud to report that I am still on track – mostly. Some days I am ahead, others I am behind, but it is all evening out in the end.

My goal was to clear my house of clutter so that it didn’t look so messy lived in all the time. I have thrown out lots of stuff and donated more to Goodwill. It is coming along nicely.

During this process, I have realized that some things that seem unrelated aren’t. Two examples.

This first one I already knew about myself. My day changes based on whether or not (or at what point) I put on makeup. I learned this when I was 17 and a tonsillectomy ruined my life (well, a few days of it). Mom grew weary of the moping and told me to go “get yourself together.” This meant a shower, fresh clothes, and “putting on your face.” I felt better.

Tested the theory when I delivered my first baby. After the delivery, I “got myself together.” Hmm…this works pretty good.

Now I know, if I want to be productive and feel ready to tackle the world, it is not a good idea to skip the makeup. If I plan on relaxing and getting some rest, I will probably do better without it.

The second example is new to me and a further stretch to understand than the makeup relationship. My house is beginning to lighten up. It stays cleancleaner, things are easier to find, progress happens faster. I feel motivated to eat better.

Huh? Motivated to eat better? Yep…the more I clean, the more I feel the urge to eat healthy. The more put together the house is, the more nutritious I feel. Weird.

I can’t explain the relationship between these things (maybe the first, but not the second). But, they are real and obvious. Makes me think I need to start paying more attention to how the seemingly unrelated things in my life are affecting each other. There may be a goldmine (or a land mine) lurking around somewhere that I can use to my advantage.

Have you considered that things that don’t seem like they would relate to each other actually do? Can you explain it (especially the house-food thing)? How can we discover these hidden relationships and leverage them to our advantage?


  1. The house cleaning is EXACTLY why I keep my house so clean- I eat better, I stay on top of bills, I manage my time better. The correlation lies in the fact that controlling your surroundings increases productivity. When I get upset, I go scrub something because I can instantly control that thing when I feel helpless or like I can’t control something.

    Keeping your home organized is a great way to have overall control of your life, and YES putting on your face is about control too! I’m sure you’ve read this, but for the readers out there who haven’t, this is the best quick cleaning guide out there and I definitely subscribe to organization as a way of life control!

  2. Danielle Blogging for Balance says:

    I think when we do one thing and feel a sense of control we are more inspired to tackle another’s the snowball effect but a good one 😉 I love this challenge..I am going to check it out…even if I am going to be about ten days behind…

  3. April…. guess what, our county is having two days of free trash waiving Friday and Saturday. I am so happy as I now have two full days to haul as much junk away as possible like old tires, scrap metal and all sorts of junk I would normally have to pay to have hauled off!

  4. My wife found this amazing “Grand Plan” that we have really loved doing. I even did a post about it on my blog. Here is the URL to my post:

    And a link to the GRAND PLAN itself:

    Whoever wrote this didn’t forget a thing!

  5. Hello there! I am inviting members of Priscilla Palmer’s Personal Development List to participate in a blog series based on the Desiderata. I hope you’ll consider participating. Here is a link describing the project: Help Wanted: Desiderata Series. Thank you and have a great day.

  6. Lani – that reasoning makes sense. It makes me feel better to know that it doesn’t just happen to me…makes me think I am normal – or we’re both kooky 🙂

    Danielle – let me know what you think after you leave that crazy place that is Craig’s

    Derek – hope you got it all out of there.

    Michael – that sounds like a great plan and I wish I had your wife’s affection for cleaning! Can’t take a whole week off though – only an hour or so a day, so it will take me a tad bit longer. But it’ll get done 🙂

    Bo – thanks so much for the invite. I appreciate you stopping by.

  7. No telling how many truckloads of junk we hauled off Friday from my grandmother’s house. My grandfather before he died saved everything. We used to call it the junkyard out there as the only thing he every threw away was his toilet paper. In fact had.. umm … let me count…8 barns full of junk!

    Saturday they closed early so we only got like 6 truckloads of junk hauled off – mostly old computers. I had like 300 computers. My dad is an electronic technician and we used to buy computers from school auctions for the parts for a business that he ran years ago called DAMIFINO LECKTRONIX. We’re country folks you know and we couldn’t come up with a name for the company so we just said “Damn if I know” and it stuck! People used to love our business cards which featured an outhouse and a banjo picking frog!

    Needless to say, we have saved up so much junk over the years, you can’t even tell we hauled too much off at either location.

  8. April – I totally get it… and I’m a guy. Everything is connected. When you feel better about how you look, you feel better about where you feel, and you feel better about what you put in your boday. The opposite is also true, and I’ve seen people go into a vicious cycle the other way. Great post (but of course I would expect nothing less from you).

  9. Timothy – flattery is always accepted here! And I hear you about the dark side…I’ve seen it too and it is ugly.

    Derek – Wow, that’s a lot of stuff

    Note** Kris Berg Rocks!


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