M – Motivated Muller

My mind is relatively strong.  So is my will.  The combination of these two things have succeeded in making me a pretty motivated individual.  I can self motivate easily.  Motivational teachings resonate with me.  Motivation from others is not wasted.

Projects deadlines do not typically intimidate me – the project might, but not the deadline.  Short term goals are toast.  I have zero problem seeing them, moving towards them and getting where I need to go.

Thoughts are my best friend and my dearest enemy.  My brain does this thing that looks a whole lot like rabbit holes going places I never wanted to go.  Scenarios play out in my head like a bad movie.  I am a deep thinker.  When this is going well, the outcome can be beautiful.  When it doesn’t, the effects can be paralyzing.

I have a hard time letting go of the thoughts – especially the not so fun ones.  I must mull them over.  Reconsider them, plan around them, acknowledge the possibility even if it is not plausible.

Understanding Both is Important

The inability to harness in the madness that occurs when a thought has been mulled over for too long sucks every bit of energy that I receive from motivation.  The process of considering, thinking and getting in touch is a great one.  When it crosses over into mulling, I am travelling into the land of unproductive. 

However, motivation is the best defense to overcoming this thought sabotage.  Maintaining motivation allows you to remain focused and intentioned.  Leveraging motivation against mulling thoughts allows for prioritization and task orientated steps.  The battle can be intense – but there are few things that can beat honest motivation.

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  1. I believe that by just being a part of “Priscilla’ Palmer’s Personal Development list obligates each of us to also post this list. You like me (Killeris at “Attitude, the Ultimate Power”) are on this list. If you have already posted it, THANK YOU. If you have not posted it, I am officially putting out a challenge that you add additional sites that fit the theme and post it. This list can be found at: http://mondaymorningpower.blogspot.com/2007/09/personal-development-list-challenge.html.

  2. I agree, our minds are our best friend and worst enemies.

    What I have learned to do however, is let all my negative thoughts and emotions come into my head… then use them as motivation to achieve my goals.

    Many times we are more motivated to avoid something than we are to achieve something… and this is where my negative thoughts help me.


  3. Mel – thanks for stopping by. I hope to see you again soon. I can’t wait to swing by your place.

    Matthew – You saved me! I was worried as I wrote it that it sounded crazy.

    I like your suggestion. I have a small variation that I use. I call it “what if.” I take all the roads down the worse possible “what ifs.” Usually they aren’t that bad. But I haven’t tried the motivational tactic. I will. Thanks!

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