Friday Fun

Liz has done it again!  How that brain of her’s comes up with these things is beyond me.  But I am so glad it does and I am especially glad I get to play.

Ok, so the game is simple. 

  • Liz wrote a story with bunches of blanks.
  • Fill in the blanks with a blogger name, title, post – something.

So, I say it’s simple…let’s see.

Wanderlust inspires a Savannah Safari

Captain Obvious was trying to think outside of the box , when out of the blue the plutonium ship floated by . You might think this is strange, but in Savannah Red such things happen all of the time. Our brave and quirky hero knew exactly what to do — he hid , but our brave and quirky hero had no cow big enough to hide his bright suit .

Seeking help for this dilemma, our hero headed down the road to Freak University .

The road passed three creatures — each of them was more interesting than the next. The first was finding courage . The second was hanging at the Waffle House. The third was looking for money and power. Our brave and quirky hero ran the rest of the way, and when he got there, he got another surprise!

“Robin Hood!” our hero exclaimed.

Toot sweetly ,” Robin Hood answered.

“I was  thinking outside of the box on a Savannah Safari, when out of the blue the plutonium ship floated by.” our brave and quirky hero said, knees shaking. “Could you spare a big cow ?”

And so it passed that Robin Hood gave our brave and quirky hero a big cow  AND a pair of alpha dogs and all was well.

You might think this is strange, but in Savannah Red such things happen all of the time.

The end

You should try it…it’s not as easy as it looks 🙂


  1. Captain Obvious says:

    Wow, thanks for the props! I’m glad my not so blue room was inspiring to you! Great story…great idea!

  2. It was fun…and I glad you enjoyed it!

  3. Yeah, I’m definitely familiar with Mad Libs, just not online Mad Libs. So, Kudos, Liz! Good idea!

    I just wanted to stop by and check out the digs–nice blog you have goin’ here! After seeing this, I’m definitely switching to WordPress.

    Anyway, I hope I might entice you to stop by my corner of the blogosphere and check out my digs. I’m a standup comedienne from NYC blogging her way to stardom. Please feel free to drop an insightful comment–relevant comments are always appreciated.

    Nice to make your acquaintance!

  4. Lucy – thanks for stopping by and I am very enticed! Stand up comic – I am so there!!

  5. Hey April. Thanks for the link love.

    I love this little prose. Will the saga continue?

  6. Dawud – I dunno. I have never tried to author a Mad Lib before…just filled them out. Maybe Liz’s will grace us with another one – it really was fun 🙂

  7. Thanks you so much for including and Savannah Safari in your Friday Fun post! What a clever creative writing drill. Thanks – anne @ southernmamas

  8. Anne – no problem. Yours is a great blog to include anywhere…and the “Savannah Safari” title was just what I needed 🙂

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