When is diversification too diverse?

Alrighty…this is April going out on a limb…ready? 

I am the picture of positive thinking.  The vision of visionary.  The princess of purpose.  I believe in finding what makes you thrive and turning that into what pays the bills.  I love the idea of going big.  I think that if your business branches into unlikely places that are beautiful and exciting none the less – climb that tree and diversify your income and live your dream.

But when is diverse too diverse?  And when is big too big?  Is it possible for your goals to be too great, too mammoth, too much for others to keep faith and believe that your thoughts of the future, while unconventional and kaleidoscopey, are still worth supporting?

When have we stretched too far?


  1. April,

    This is a good question. I know all the stuff I’ve read in setting goals says to keep them realistic so you can achieve them. However you do have to dream big. The best thing I heard on this was uttered by Vince Lombardi, the great football coach. He said:

    “Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.”

    That is what I’ve tried to do in my own little way. I have high goals and I’m chasing them, as I do that, I’m becoming better and better at what I do and one day I can say I’ve reached it.


  2. It depends on your goals…

    If your goals are related, thinking big is great, but if you are aiming to be the CEO of Viacom, an interior designer and an advanced auto mechanic, your chances are slim.

    On the other hand, if your goal is to become a top producing Realtor, a staging expert, a monetized blogger, and a motivational speaker :), these are all entertwined and build upon related skill sets and you SHOULD go for it! Of all people, YOU can do it!!!

  3. Hi April,
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  4. Hi April,

    I don’t believe that people can dream too big, or be too diverse (as long as their diversity doesn’t tie them in knots from trying to do too much.)

    In my experience working with my clients, those that have huge visions succeed more, enjoy more, and great each day with enjoyment and wonder at what the day will bring. Even if they never reach that huge vision (becoming the next Oprah) they enjoy the journey in trying to get there. And while they may not achieve the exact role they envisioned, they will be a better, more successful, and more satisfied self as a result of trying.

    Warmly, Donna

  5. Shailesh – I love that quote! It is one of my favorites! I appreciate you reminding me of it.

    Lani – we can’t be friends anymore…you know me too well! You are real close to nailing the whole situation on the head. You rock and I am so glad…well, you know 🙂

    Erin – That sounds like fun. I look forward to it.

    Donna – you make a fantastic point…but it is the tying in knots part that I am feel like I am teetering on 🙂

  6. hello there

    found your web site through the personal development list. really like what you have to say …

    when do things get too diverse?

    for me, that’s easy to discern: when my head starts to spin!

  7. Isabella – That is great! I love that. I wish I could use it. Unfortunately, my kids keep me in a constant state of spin – but maybe I could be on the look out for over spin?

    Glad you stopped by 🙂


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