Pros and Cons – The L,M,N,O,P’s of Me

Alright, maybe I shouldn’t call them cons – but I am talking about myself so I will.  I don’t have a problem talking about the things that need to be improved upon in my life. Anymore, that is.  It wasn’t always that way.  Discussions such as this triggered defense mechanisms that included everything from passive aggressive behaviors to all out manipulation. 

However, personal inventory is something I do on a regular basis now.  I even enjoy it.  I get excited at the possibility of finding that weak link and developing ideas to strengthen it up.

I have often seen the practice of going through the alphabet to facilitate this process.  I always thought it was a cute idea.  Until I saw Patti Digh of 37 Days  doing it – then I realized it was brilliant and could be beautiful, creative, and productive.  Those characteristics usually put me all in and this is no exception.  Her personal inventory is insightful and inspiring.  I hope she starts all over when she is finished!

When going through these kinds of things, one must decide what format works best for them.  I am a SWOT girl myself (Michele Martin does an excellent job of outlining this process), so I need to know about strengths and weaknesses and how I can leverage both.  And I won’t do it in consecutive posts because I need more time to process the information.

I am also looking for ways to be unconventional (April is such the rebel), so I don’t want to start with “A”.

So, I am

  • starting with “L” because I can
  • moving through at my own pace because I think that’s important
  • giving two traits because recognizing both what works and what could work better is crucial
  • inviting you to come along with me 

At this point, I want to tag folks so bad!  There are some people that I learn so much from and just know their involvement would phenom…but I resist.  But I am hoping real hard!

Let’s get started…

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  1. Rosa Say | Managing with Aloha says:

    Mmmm, I like this idea too! Loving starting with the L, for September is all about Lokahi on MWAC and then to M for Making a Difference on JJL … coincidence? No, I like to think it is co-intention.

  2. Hi April–I love Patti Digh and I love the idea of an ABC-type personal inventory (although I might be stuck with some X and Q options!) We’re starting aBuilding a Better Blog Community on Ning where we’ll be doing weekly challenges. If you don’t mind, I may borrow this idea (with credit to you and Patti, of course) to use as one of the weekly challenges. Great stuff!

  3. Hi April–what a great idea to do a personal inventory using the alphabet! If you don’t mind, I’d like to borrow this as one of the weekly challenge activities for our new Ning community, Building a Better Blog. I think it would be a fun exercise for bloggers to do about their blogs–although I may be hard-pressed to find an “x” or a “q.” 🙂

  4. Rosa – Sorry my blog comments ate up your “Lokahi.” It won’t (rather I don’t know how to make it) to the line over the “o”.

    Co intent works for me too 🙂 Wishing I had made that astute observation!

  5. Michele – Sorry you got hung up in moderation. I am sure it is for the link…but you can feel free to link love in my space anytime. I really enjoy your blog.

    I think turning it into a challenge is a phenom idea! I can’t wait to see how it turns out!

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