Leave it to Craig Harper to come up with an “in your face” challenge that my nature just cannot turn away from.  Get Yer S**t Together  kicks off tomorrow. 

I will admit to thinking, “Who really needs to participate in another bloggy challenge?” Then I opened my feed reader yesterday (blasted thing).  There’s David Zinger over at Slacker Manager talking about positive changes for a great New Year.  Then Rosa (my mentor extraordinaire) urging that we set goals for Septemeber.  Ok – I get the point 😛

So, GYST is a 4 week challenge to pick something and change it!  Monday is post progress day. Today is planning day.

Yes – I have picked a goal.

Chaos is awesome in my life.  It’s fun, exciting, and different.  Chaos is awful in my house.  It is depressing, task inhibiting, and continually sabotages my goals.

I am cleaning the chaos.  Clutter beware!  Goodwill rejoice!

Each day will have a room devoted to it…some rooms will require more than one day because obviously I cannot devote a whole day to the task.  I am going to start with the storage areas so that the stuff that has collected in the living spaces will have some place to go.  I am also buying tons of trash bag!


  1. We seem to be on the same wavelength with this April, for my house is starting to drive me crazy lately too. My husband just asked me yesterday, What’s got in to you? – he was referring to how much trash he’s been hauling away for me in my ruthlessness. One of those cleaning times where I’m trying to live by this rule: If I haven’t used it in the last three months, and probably won’t in the next three, it’s outta here! Amazing how much of a stress-lifter it can be.

  2. I have been cleaning for the last two months. I have cleaned my room, parts of the living room, the go-cart trailer that we used to use for racing which is now a storage, the barn and now I am back trying to throw away some of my parent’s junk while they are away at work… like clothes they do not and have not worn for over three years.

    I was actually thinking about it this morning…. I like to live a simple life. I am getting rid of a lot of stuff most people would keep. I put all my old papers on my blog, all my baseball handouts, and tons of other stuff I wish to keep on my blog. The reason being…. I hate all this paper.

    Yesterday I threw away 3 boxes of wood pencils, tons of post-it notes, and a few ink pens. I had millions of them and now I may have about 20 of each.

    Tomorrow I am getting rid of a cell phone case – I have two different ones and one of those electronic fish aquarium things that looks like a flat screen tv.

    I am throwing away everything and I do not know why. Maybe there is something wrong with me? HELP ME APRIL.. SAVE ME FROM MY INSANITY.

    PS: You already know about me cleaning my blog, but what about deleating all my accounts as well? SEE HOW BAD I GOT IT?

    Seriously, am I normal or is there really something wrong with me?

  3. Rosa – I am always encouraged when you say I am anywhere near your wavelength 🙂
    I am hoping it will be a positive change – I know it can’t hurt. But I am already trying to sabotage myself with the list of obstacles – 4 kids, no time, job is just too big…
    But, I have put each task for each day on my calender…that just has to work!

    Derek – when it comes to the question, “to throw or not to throw” I am the wrong person to ask 🙂 My answer is always “NOT THROW!” That’s why this is such an undertaking for me. But necessary. Rosa is dead on about the stress – pared down has got to be easier.

  4. But you’re the psychology student, you should at least be able to tell me if something is wrong with me.

  5. Oh April! I am WITH you on this one. Saturday was the first day of Spring here in Australia, and with it came this incredible urge to purge… (oooh, that rhymes!!)… maybe you and Rosa are actually living in the wrong hemisphere?

    OK, so the urge is there, but the time is not. Amazing how hard it is to carve time into our lives for this sort of stuff… but how necessary it is to dejunk our lives to make time for what is important. It’s one of those what comes first – chicken or egg – questions, isnt it?

    I’ll be cheering for you – maybe your success will help motivate me to get stuck into my stuff.

  6. Let me know when you want company, and we can mix decluttering April’s life, with girl time!!! Good luck with it all.

  7. Karen – maybe you are on to something about the hemisphere thing…especially thinking this was all Craig Harper’s doing anyway 🙂

    Jeanie – you are a friend. I would not subject you to that 🙂 In fact, I planned Saturday’s and Sunday’s GYST free days 🙂

    However…we will be at mom and dad’s Friday night…

  8. Strange that this is the subject because I’m in “goal mode” right now also! This is what I’ve come up with:

    1. Play my first game of golf with the boys by the end of 2007.

    2. Thin down my feed reader from 250 to 150 blogs to read daily.

    3. Read at least one physical book per month starting with Rosa Say’s “Managing with Aloha” (since I won it on April’s blog and umm… it’s been on my bedside table for 30ish days).

    4. Get to the gym. Be able to run at least a 5K by spring ’08… Right now I wheeze getting to the mailbox a block away. I may be skinny but I’m sooo out of shape!

    5. Get out of my comfort zone- help strangers, talk to cashiers, buy crappy lemonade from a kid’s street booth, etc.

    ETC… I’m OCD so cleanliness is second nature to me and our home is abnormally clean and I am the opposite of a pack rat (my husband says, “why’d you throw that away? I wasn’t done with that!).

    April, things are speeding up for you- great idea to simplify your beautiful chaos!

  9. Lani – I think these are great goals…and you have messed up and told me all about them…you’ll get to them for sure because you will be tired of hearing me ask you about them 🙂

  10. great… let me add #6:

    6. Increase level of stubbornness and pride so that all goals will be met in the off chance that someone asks me about them.


  11. Hi April,
    All the best with your New non-chaotic Year. Of course you know I would think with the name of April you also get a New Year January 1 and April 1. Hope that is not too chaotic.

  12. Lani – don’t make me come over there!

    David – had not considered that I am due a new year in April…That is a great idea!

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