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Where do your Bootstraps fit in?

Thanks to Lyman Reed, I have found an awesome new resource for a meeting of the minds.  Aaron Potts has created Personal Development Partners.  Summary – meet people, discuss ideas, find inspiration. 

I found a bit of that today.  I thought I would share my first thread here.  It is a question I would love to have you guys answer.

Special thanks to Lyman and Aaron – both have made me feel wonderfully welcome. Lyman has helped me sort through where I fit in.

I have a slightly different style. I have a husband, four children, a real estate clientele, and big dreams. In short…I am busy.

As I told Lyman, I believe in the LoA, positive thinking, and the like. I also believe in pulling up your bootstraps and getting it done – even if it doesn’t feel good or it’s not resonating – sometimes you just have to get to it anyway.

My bootstraps are my favorite weapon. When all else fails, I always have my hands firmly on them. Sometimes my mind gets right first, sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes it is just raw tenacity.

Where do your bootstraps fit in?

A Sigh of Relief

Baby McKenzie is home.  She is banged up, bruised, and swollen, but she is with her family, comforted in her mother’s arms.

Some of the financial support you all are so graciously providing has is already getting to the family.  Lani wanted me to let you all know how deeply thankful she and her family are for your beautiful outpouring of affection.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to do so, the ribbon is over there on the right.

The Days After

Blogging is not a common thing in my neck of the woods.  We have a few that I really enjoy – Chris Cree, Anne Hart, The Paragon Muse, and Creative Coast are my most visited.  But, blogging is still cutting edge, so, many folks don’t “get” blogging.

If they had seen what happened around here this week – they would.

People who are virtual friends – only a few face to face – rallied around one of our own.  Lani’s family needed us, and we were there.  We are still here.

I want to say thank you to all these kind people who posted, supported, gave, and honored. 

I want to encourage you to continue to support this young family.  The green ribbon is at the top to your right.

Turn Around Tuesday

“Life ain’t always beautiful
Sometimes it’s just plain hard
Life can knock you down,
it can break your heart…
But the struggles make you stronger
And the changes make you wise
And happiness has its own way of takin’ it’s sweet time.”
– sung by Gary Allan, Life Ain’t
 Always Beautiful

Often we talk about the power of positive thinking. We are friends. We motivate each other. We cheer each other on. In fact, that is my main goal here at Turn Around Tuesday.

Rarely do we talk about the times that are tough. Some of these times feel more than tough – they seem impossible.

And I don’t advocate pessimism. I don’t see the point in waiting for the other shoe to drop. There is little to be gained in waiting for the unfortunate to happen.

But, it does happen. And when it does, how fortunate is it to have friends to rally around us and help carry the load the best they can. If we have just one friend like that, we can call ourselves blessed.

Friends like this, in times like these, display wonderful qualities. They let us mourn for awhile, yet still offer a silver lining. They let us hurt, but still encourage. They listen and they love. They accept us, bruises and all.

Be that person for another. Let us be that for each other.

Our Sympathies and a Request for Support

Lani Anglin is one of my dearest friends and my closest confidant. Many of you know Lani from My Beautiful Chaos. Tragedy has struck her family.

Lani’s baby brother, Aaron, was killed in a car accident Sunday. Surviving him is his wife and two baby daughters.

Like many of us, this family was not prepared for such a tragedy. Please visit Jay Thompson or Greg Swann to see how you can help this family in need. Michael Price is also auctioning an iPod on Geek Estate with proceeds to go to the family.

Time for Action

My heart is broken over at The Chaos for my dear friend Lani Anglin.  She lost her brother yesterday.  Her words are here.

Here at Life, I am passing on Greg Swann’s call to action.

Aaron Anglin is survived by a wife and two very young daughters. The way I’m reading things, he died without life insurance, which puts those three ladies on a very hard road.

If you can spare something for them, put it in the form of negotiable funds — cash, cashier’s check or money order — and overnight it to:

Aleisha Anglin
  c/o Lani Anglin
  2719 Costa Azul Cove
  Leander, TX

April is working on setting up a donation account with Bank of America, and I’ll amend this post when that account becomes available.

But: I will promise you that there are people who will want to be paid now, and this young family will have immediate and ongoing needs. There was a time in your life when fate could have hit you this hard. Now is your chance to redeem that good fortune.

Thanks, Greg.

Lani, our prayers are with you now and our help is on the way.

When Lani Hurts, the Chaos is Broken

Lani has been here at The Chaos for a brief time.  But before that, she was my friend.  During that time, she has become one of my best friends, my closest confidant, and you guys seem to like her being here too.

I usually write the way I talk…but I have no words…

Lani’s wonderful baby brother was killed yesterday in a car wreck.  Her words can be found here…

Mine are lost…

Lani wants to know how you promote social justice

This article is a MUST READ from beginning to end, and comments are highly encouraged: 

Each Saturday, my husband and I head to mass because we’re both hard wired to sleep in on Sundays. Well, sleep in until 7:30am at least. Recently, I began taking RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults) to become officially Catholic. I say “officially” because I was raised in the Episcopal faith (Catholic faith minus the Pope and consequences to actions) and have been going to my church for five-ish years now- it’s time to be confirmed! I tell you all of this to introduce you to my current mindset. When taking classes of any kind, it is natural for anyone to desire sharing their newly learned information.

Today’s readings focused on social justice and caring for the people on the margins of society. Regardless of your religious preference, we can all agree that we should strive to care for those that are abused, impoverished and hopeless. After spirited debate, I wanted to share with you two things I learned:

Ezra Taft Benson noted that “The Lord works from the inside out. The world works from the outside in. The world would take people out of the slums. Christ takes the slums out of people, and then they take themselves out of the slums. The world would mold men by changing their environment. Christ changes men, who then change their environment. The world would shape human behavior, but Christ can change human nature.”

I love this quote. It really touches on what is the focus of my husband’s current Micro-Financing Challenge (Micro-Financing is a fancy word for charitably donating money even if just $25 to give loans to small business owners to give them the ability to strengthen their suffering communities). I really want you to check it out!

People of need (most notably starving people) used to be called “anaweim.” The Book of Amos was written in 721 BC and in that time, one of the ways communities cared for their “anaweim” by “gleaming.” During the harvesting process (of wheat, for example) with the dull blades of their tools, many stalks of wheat would be bent over instead of cut cleanly, while others would be only partially cut down with leftover remaining. The tradition was that all farmers LEFT those broken and bent pieces behind for the anaweim. The theory is that God provided that crop for the farmer and it wasn’t the farmer’s to begin with, so with that in mind, gleaming shouldn’t be a difficult practice.

Which practice do you think YOU could most easily adapt to promote social justice- Micro-Financing or gleaming?

The Fiesta is Chaotic

Big Thanks to Todd Carpenter over at Blog Fiesta for inviting Lani and I to come over and play.  Todd has been interviewing bloggers in the real estate and mortgage industry for a while.  He has built up quite the list.

In a small twist, Todd didn’t do the interviews.  He let us interview each other.  Fortunate for us, that’s what our emails back and forth typically look like anyway, so this wasn’t a stretch – just a bit more focused.

Lani’s interview features a great picture…and she says stuff too – something about a blushing cheeseburger in the shower (you all know how strange that dear friend of mine can be).

My interview turns to a crazy type at the end.  So you can’t see that my favorite RE blogs are

Thanks so much for inviting us over, Todd.  You have proved yourself one brave guy 🙂

**Update – Lani has a great clip included in her take on the interviews.
**Update – Todd fixed the type – Thanks! 

Remembering Who I Am with a Promise

For a while, the activity in my brain has been jumbled, stressed, and full of wonder. This feeling is exciting for about 2 seconds – then it just becomes overwhelming and scary. I am a fan of neither. Does this sound like anything you go through? Oh, I hope so or Lani’s right and I am just a weirdo.

Today I make the commitment to untangle the wires. I will regain my focus, set my intentions, and remember who I am – I invite you to come along with me. This journey is always better with a few friends. Laughter, support, new strategies, different perspectives – these are the beautiful aspects of friendships.

What better time to be tagged by Chris Cree with a suggestion of a promise. Although, with all the folks who have found it resonating, it is almost a pact.

Joe started it when he realized he had been noticeably absent.

It stuck a cord with Liz so much so that she made the promise herself and encouraged others to follow suit. That’s where my tag from Chris came into play.

Rick made the promise AND the buttons. (I like the blue, but he’s got green and red too!)

And now I make it as well.

  • I will be sure to comment on other Blogs if I can add to the conversation.
  • I will respond to comments on my own Blog.
  • I will acknowledge any links to my Blog with a comment on the linker’s Blog.
  • I will continue to link to other Blogs that are pertinent to a posts content.
  • I will once again be a part of the Blogging Community.

However, in the interest of complete honesty, Troy’s reminder of the nature of a promise is ringing in my head. Especially after Chris’ reminder that most of us pay our bills in the face to face world.

But, I remember who I am. And that person is diverse and interested. That is the person who is ready to make this promise.

Should I tag some folks? I suppose I should. However, this was surprisingly personal to me. In a way that I appreciate Chris for, but am sure he couldn’t have imagined. If he did, he knows me better than I thought and I am grateful for friends like that. So, I tag you. The one who read this post and said, “Man, I really need to get on with it.” The one who read it and related. The one who was hoping I would tag them…I tag you.

Lots of Folks are Talking About the Umbrella

gala.jpgAs I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I had the awesome experience of attending the 8th Annual A Working Woman in Need Gala last week.  During the event, I was able to present one of the awards to my dear friend Lisa

What a great opportunity it is to create relationships, give and get support, and learn and teach with those around you!  This has been on my mind a lot lately and I am apparently not the only one.

I am lukewarm to the current pop music scene.  But the lyrics to Umbrella stay with me when this topic comes up.

When the sun shines, we’ll shine together
Told you I’ll be here forever
Said I’ll always be a friend
Took an oath I’ma stick it out till the end
Now that it’s raining more than ever
Know that we’ll still have each other
You can stand under my umbrella

I know why this particular set of lyrics resonates with me. 

  • Real friends do well when things are really good, when they are really bad, and every stop in between.  It is tough when you have a person in your life that can only handle one or the other – can’t stand to see you succeed, or needs drama to feel useful.
  • Umbrellas are great.  They keep you dry.  However, when there gets to be more than one person underneath it, everybody gets wet.  But, everybody is drier than they would have been.  We may be a little wet, but sharing the load benefits everybody.

So, even though the weather is beautiful here right now, I need to always be prepared and consider my own umbrella and the umbrellas of others. 

  • Not all umbrellas are made the same. 
  • Not all people share the same. 
  • Not all people want you to share with them.

In a day where technology helps facilitate relationships, face to face networking has unlimited venues, and we are told never to eat alone, it can become a challenge to know who you can share your umbrella with and whose you can feel safe standing under.

I’d love to hear about your umbrella!