"I am here to help people who are sick and tired of being sick and tired."

“I am here to help people who are sick and tired of being sick and tired.”


So says Derek Frazier, cPT, owner, and instructor of You Need Fitness. And all evidence says he means it.

The Mayor was on hand yesterday to support Derek and his wife Angela during the Grand Opening. Mr. Davis had encouraging words for the Fraziers and all of Richmond Hill small business owners and their patrons. He praised those who went out and opened their own business and commented on the wonderful growth happening in our city.

He took a moment to recognize the accomplishment the Chamber of Commerce has achieve with the entrepreneurial friendly designation.

you-need-fit2.jpgBut, the Fraziers were the stars of the show.

Derek is serious about fitness. Kettle bells, bootcamp, a downloadable ebook – he is covering all the bases.

Sore after workout? Angela is a certified massage therapist.

Not sure if this is for you? Derek seems to have though of that too. He has incorporated a wealth of information on his website – both for the gym and his bootcamp program.

Derek also continues to inform and inspire through his newsletter. You can go take a peek here.

Got a minute? Stop by and say hello. You Need Fitness is located at 2558 Highway 17 South – just across the street from the Chamber Office. All of their contact information is listed here.

*Special Thanks to Kittie Franklin, Executive Director of the Richmond Hill/Bryan County Chamber of Commerce, for keeping Blogging Richmond Hill up to date about local Activities.

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