Feedback Friday (or April’s SOS)

So, I am not really in danger (but, I can pretend to be if that’s motivating for you.)  No sinking ships or crucial moments of peril.  But I do have questions – important ones even – and I need your help.  Ok, maybe not “important” the way geo-politics, national economy, and the season opener of Survivor are important.  But “April” important. 

  1. I have my first speaking engagement.  I am very excited and prepared (Phil, I am lifting my lid!)  I have been asked by Mary Morris, an Executive Area Manager for Arbonne, to conduct training for her group.  She really liked Flip Flippen’s The Flip Side and wanted me to talk about the critical constraints.  Flip’s organization was very gracious and gave me permission to use the their materials.  The book deals with identifying and resolving those things that trip you up. 

    Question – How do you feel about discussing overcoming negatives? When talking about overcoming negatives, what about the environment, approach, or training make you feel more comfortable?

  2. I have changed the layouts of all three websites – the main homepage, Making Life Work for You, and Beautiful Chaos.  The intent was to provide continuity to the three venues while still maintaining the uniqueness I feel each of them possess.

    Question – What do you think?

  3. I don’t think there are enough visuals on the site.  I love going to blogs that have great supporting graphics and pictures for their posts.

    Question – Where is you favorite source for finding great pictures or artwork? How do you ensure that you are respecting personal property and copyright?

And I guess that about covers the pressing things on my mind right this second.  But if you have been around here at all, you already know there is bound to be more coming up!

Big thanks in advance for all your help.  And do me another favor (man, she’s asking for a lot today!)  If you have resources that better help answer my questions, please feel free to link them up in the comments.  I know some people feel strange about linky loving themselves or others in the comment section – but as appreciated guests, you are more like family and I hope you feel at home!


  1. 1. I get tired of being fustrated, and go to the store and get some chewing tobacco. Not healthy but it helps me cope.

    2. Already emailed you my 2 cents or was it my quarter? I hate this site only due to the no good Carolina blue (TARHOLES) colors. GO ECU PIRATES!

    3. Ask Lani, there was a picture site that is free to use provided you provided a back link. She seemed to get a lot of her pics for her blog postings on my blog from there. Neeedless to say, I forgot the url but you can spend hours there going through the pics.

  2. You have been tagged for The Personal Development List. (See my site for details), I would love for you to participate.

  3. April, I love your blog.

    As to your first question, I just yesterday happened to read the article at that you may find relevant for your training. It talks about the way our brains work and how it affects our learning and development. For example, when we hear the words “feedback” or “negative,” our brain tends to “panic” and that diminishes our ability to think clearly. So the suggestion seems to be to focus on the substitute new behaviors or the desired outcomes. You can also find additional audio files on this topic at David Rock’s site

    As to the visuals, I like (stock photos) Many photos are free, and you can see if there are any license restrictions right there.

  4. Hi April!

    This is my first time visiting your site…I came through Priscilla Palmer’s Personal Development List! I like the layout and design of your site 😉 As for graphics and photos, I use The photos are free to use. The artists usually just ask that you let them know where you used their photos.

    I also create my own graphics and photos. I have a Flickr account and you’re welcome to use them. All I ask for is a link back to my page. Here’s the album:


  5. DB – I guess we all have our vices. I know I sure do.
    Hadn’t even thought about the team implication of the colors 🙂 I guess I should have. Then the blog would be red and black (Go Dawgs!)n unless I felt a pro team was in order, the we would have been turquoise and black (Go Jags!). Until spring training, then it would have to be red white and blue (Go Braves!). So I guess it is just best not to associate it…the changes are just too much 😉

    Priscilla – Thanks so much. It is an honor to be listed over there at your place. I love it there. I am working on adding my two cents…but all the folks I like are already there! That’s a testament to you, but now I am on a mission to find a great new one.

  6. Anastasia – you rock! I haven’t been able to digest the whole article yet…I am going to have to wait for nap time, but I skimmed it and it is fascinating. Thanks so much! And thanks for the picture resource as well.

    Maria – that is very generous of you and I will gladly link back and drop you an email too.

    I am so glad you have stopped by. I hope to see you again 🙂

  7. Phil Gerbyshak says:

    Congratulations on lifting your lid yet again! The re-design is beautiful, the fact you’re doing some speaking is fantastic, and the fact you are reaching out and asking for help is awesome! Good for you!

    Flickr (advanced search for Creative Commons available pictures) is a great way to find pictures for free. Maria takes some beautiful shots, so definitely put her pictures to use. ALWAYS link back whenever possible. Others mentioned some good resources too.

    Overcoming negatives can be tough. I try to focus on reframing the situation (look at it through a different lens or perspective), and suggest alternatives to the negative feelings.

    Good luck on your speech. I’m sure it will go GREAT!

  8. Phil – you’re phone call may seem a small thing to some, but I am still feeling the effects. And I so appreciate your leadership challenge over at JJL.

    The feedback is appreciated and I am already putting some of those resources to use. I am sure I will “Make it Great!”

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