Lani Is A Crazy Person

Lani Is A Crazy Person

Yep, that’s me- a crazy person.  I wrote this spring about ways to cure office boredom (#15 is my favorite), and I thought I’d share with you 10 MORE ways I’ve decided to torment my coworkers (keep in mind, my husband is the “boss” so it’s especially titilliating to me)!

1. Find the lone Mac user in the office and when the user is away, open word processor, type in the words to any Rick James song (I suggest “Super Freak”) and set it to “speech” and walk away.

2. Respond to all requests with “don’t think so,” even if it isn’t fitting.  Too chicken?  Then answer any question with quotes from Office Space (might I suggest “PC load letter?” or “all that stuff I said about being a crack head? It just helps me sell magazines”), even if it doesn’t make sense.

3. Pick your favorite coworker and after they leave every day, take every staple but one out of their stapler.  After a week, insanity sets in when they have to refill their stapler after one use over and over and over and over and over again…

4.  Get a pair of underwear (uh, clean ones, weirdo) and with a Sharpie, write a coworker’s initials on the tag.  Leave them inconspicuously placed in the boss’ office and wait…

5. Remember the clap on?  Install the “clap on” in someone’s office after they leave for the day on a Thursday.  Make sure that everyone gets a colorful note on their desk before they get to work noting that for the sake of “Friday office fun,” everyone has to clap anytime the word “yes” is uttered.  Watch the lights (or printer) flicker as irritation rises… just try not to laugh and give yourself away.

I’ll leave it to April to make your life better through positive thinking while I take the low road by disrupting the office and laughing at others’ expense!

Now that you know what I do for fun, I encourage you to add to the list in the comments…


  1. This is some very funny stuff! Can’t wait to try it out. Glad that you have joined April on her blog.

  2. Thanks, Jeanie; it’s great to get to know a whole new group of bloggers and readers!

    We all have our own special ways of making others happy, right y’all?! 🙂

  3. See Lani, I told you my friends here think you are hilarious – keep up the good show 😉

    I can’t pick my favorite…but, if I could figure out how to get Chris Cree with #1 – hehehehehe 🙂

  4. I was once into magic tricks…. I have a reputation of pissing the opposing baseball teams off, so one day instead of standing in the coach’s box I pulled a trick from the dugout. I wired the back of the visitor’s dugout with invisible thread, ran the thread through the rafters, attached a baseball at the end of the thread, put the ball on the helment shelf and not a soul touched it thinking it may have been a practice ball left behind, etc. Middle of the fourth inning, there was a baseball mysteriously floating across the dugout..

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