Rapid Fire Learning | August 2007

Ok, so I am a little late.  Dean will understand, he is just that kind of guy.

Really neat things have been happening over at JJL and right here in my little world.  It seems like I have found myself in the midst of so many new things that I hope I can keep it down to five.

Over at JJL, we have been talking about things we need to unlearn.

1. Phil asked the great question – “How do you raise your lid?”  I was confronted head on with the fact that I need to unlearn holding it shut.

2. Joanna taught me a few things when she discussed the power of should

Sometimes it can feel like tangleweed, wrapping itself around hopes, dreams and possibilities, stifling the life out of us with requirements and instructions and obligations.

She’s right – why worry about the “I should?” I have plenty to do with the stuff that “I am.”

3. I discussed how I need to unlearn mediocrity. You know, that fantastic waste of time that is just getting by instead of going big.

There are some things that I have learned – this month they are fun things. Timothy is right – you just have to laugh sometimes.

4. Yoga is hard

 5. There are few things cooler than a froggy tape dispenser.


  1. Now, that is a good frog tape dispenser!

  2. Nice new layout

  3. Joanna Young says:

    Hi April, this is a neat summary of a lot of learning! Your commitment to unlearning mediocrity and the words you used to describe what it meant to you have stayed with me all month – I thought I’d let you know that sharing your learning is helping others learn too…


  4. Steve – I know!!! I want one 🙂

    Burress – Thanks!

    Joanna – I appreciate that more than you know. As you can see, we are learning from each other – what a great situation 😉

  5. April,

    It’s never too late to share! Thanks for your challenges to all your readers. Your learning encourages mine as well!


  6. Dean – thanks for the words. Funny how the circle of learning just keeps on going when all the members are functioning.

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