The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

I will admit, I probably read this one long after everybody else had. These kinds of books make me skeptical and therefore do not tend to rank high on my “to do” list. However, after hearing The Secret mentioned what felt like a gazillion times in less than a week, I figured I had better at least know what everybody else was talking about.

I had seen clips from the movie and understand that some like to movie better than book for whatever reason. I am not one of those people. The idea was already close to over the top for me that the dramatic flair of the film shoved it right over the edge.

But, I still felt the need to read the book and I am very glad that I did.

It is not a complicated read. Actually it is very easy with a lot of repetition. But that’s the point as far as I saw it. We are so busy in our daily lives that we over complicate and overlook. The simplicity made it obvious and the repetition ensures we don’t miss the point.

If you are late on the list like I am, let me catch you up. The Secret focuses on the Law of Attraction. Basically it is power of intention, positive thinking, and harnessing the might that is in your brain. Seems quite typical until you realize that they are talking about more than just having a good attitude or a more positive day. They are talking about mind blowing, life altering occurrence.

Stories are recounted of money gained, ills healed, success realized. The claims are truly amazing.

I will say that I am not all in when it comes to this train of thought. There is an action step that, while implied, is not explicitly directed. I am a firm believer in positive thought and understand the role of intention (thanks to Kirsten). But my Craig Harper side insists that it is only half the battle.

However, I read The Secret not to obtain a full circle of ideas. I read it to hone my ability to train my mind to move in a positive direction. It accomplished that. I will read it again and would suggest that most people read it. I took valuable insight away from the read…the rest, I left for others who may find value in it.


  1. That’s the thing with the Secret – and any book or movie… I suggest we take what rings true and works for us and leave the rest behind.

    I personally think that the over-the-topness of the Secret DVD was meant to grab the attention of the masses. They couldn’t fit everything into the DVD (by everything – I am including the action steps and the pitfalls). If people resonate with the general idea, then it is important to go out and learn more about how it works.

    I am totally with you on the importance of action! Positive thinking leads to positive action which leads to success!

    There’s my 2 cents! 🙂

  2. Kirsten – I think your opinion is worth way more than 2 cents!

    Positive thinking leads to positive action which leads to success!

    I think that nails it right on the head!

  3. Bulletin News says:

    Phenomenal write up on ret by Rhonda Byrne. Thoroughly enjoy this posts!

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