The Flip Side by Flip Flippen

The Flip Side by Flip Flippen

Hold on a sec while I figure out where this fantastic recommendation came from.  This book was so good I have to make sure I get this right.

Found it!  Dewayne Melancon from Genuine Curosity (and fellow JJL contributor I might add) raved about this book back in July.  Now, I think Dewayne is a pretty smart fella and the different approach the book seemed to have intrigued me.

Unfortunately, I realized that I am a bit critical.  This came as no surprise to my husband.  So, now that I have learned this about myself, I will continue with the critique review.

Flip points out an idea that is so basic, I forehead slapped myself when I read it.  Strengths are great.  Know what they are, build on them, love them, give them cute little pet names (exaggeration mine).  But your constraints, or weakness, will stop you cold.

He goes through a list of what he calls “The Top Ten Killer Constraints.” Hold on to your ego, because one a few of these are yours.  No worries, he explains, everybody has ’em, most have a few, and you only need to work on one at a time.

There are a few key features that make this book great

  • He encourages the use of a friend.  Nobody knows us better than those we around everyday.  They see things about us we don’t see.  Pick somebody you trust and get real honest.
  • Questionnaires.  Not real sure if that’s you?  No problem.  The end of each constraint has  a check list.  Mark the items that are true and mark your score.
  • TrAction Plan. The first question my husband asked was, “Does he just tell you how messed up you are or does he actually help you fix it?” He actually helps.  TrAction Plans are a stroke of genius and madly helpful – see how uncritical I’m being 🙂
  • Writing Style.  This is more a statement about my preferences.  Flip feels like he is in the room.  You don’t feel a pretense or a judgement.  Just a real cool guy that happens to know a few things looking to help you out. 

I have made a promise to never write a review for a book I didn’t like.  I just don’t see the point.  Leave that up to others who get paid for it. However, I don’t just like this book.  I think it is a near critical read.  Don’t want to buy one? I’ll lend you mine – as long as you promise not to read the notes in the margins.


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