When there aren't enough hours in the week

When there aren’t enough hours in the week

I love Sundays! Naps, kids, reflection, and planning.  That’s what great days are made of.  Last Sunday I was anxious and excited.  Yesterday I was exhausted and mostly satisfied.


Packed up schedules are not new to me.  If you have ever been over to my other blog, you know that it is titled My Beautiful Chaos for a reason.  And I love the pace that is my life.  Most of the time.

Most days I do not get around to everything on my “to do” list.  However, these are usually things that can be delegated in the form of “honey, please”, children chores, or friendly favors.

Last week was not that way.  I had tons to do, places to be, and it was all me.  I had a plan, and it was good for the most part.  The only downside (and I knew this when I was going through it) was the lack of wiggle room.  And what do you do with a schedule that has no wiggle room? Create it!

When things get busy, things get skipped.  You have to decide what can and what cannot be missed.  I had to do that a lot last week.  When going through my weekly reflection and planning, I saw that the things that were skipped typically did not change from day to day.

  1. The gym – I did not go once last week.  Ugh.  It is the hardest thing to schedule and the easiest thing to duck out on.  My schedule is such that a workout buddy would basically be like a firefighter on call, so I am accountable to no one. 
  2. Just because emails – I love these.  Emails that are sent to family, friends, and associates just to touch base because you don’t see them all the time.  Or responses to these emails.  These were put on hold until Saturday. I am so very fortunate to have people who understand.  I would unwise to make this habit.
  3. Scheduling lunches – I never eat alone, or at least not if I can help it.  One of the tasks I have every week is to make sure I have lunches scheduled for next week.  This is the best way I know of to stay current with people who are important to me and create better relationships with those I do not know well but would like to.  This one was skipped with a reason – there was so much going on last week, that I needed to make sure I had plenty of room for follow up this week.  It was a smart move as it happened just that way.
  4. Grocery shopping – You don’t even want to see my list.  It is long and has gained today’s highest priority.
  5. Laundry – Ugh.  I don’t even want to talk about it.

Those are the top five things that routinely got skipped last week.  And, if I have another week like that, the list will probably not change too much. This leads me to believe that we all have those things that are the first to go on the to do list.

I’d love to hear yours.


  1. Hey April. Great that you are aware of this! Many don’t even get as far as the list itself!
    One suggestion: Try creating a “To Destiny” list.
    The only things that can make this list are the things that are in line with the ideal person you wish to be.
    The typical “to do” list stuff can be delegated.
    The “To Destiny” list will define your greatness!

    To Your Beautiful Chaos…

  2. I love that idea…”to destiny.” Sounds big!

  3. Super mom! I have NO idea how you do it… I am slowly learning but, it’s HARD!!!! Evenutally I will get there!! Wish me luck

  4. You just do! No super powers or luck required. You’ll be great!

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