Lani is a Dork

Some may say that’s not nice, but I don’t care- I can denigrate myself if I want (especially if it’s not offensive to me)!  Why am I a dork?  Because not only do I have a fetish for office supplies, I want to spread out to Austin.  Picnic Mob is a virtual picnic which is totally nerdy but hey- you’re reading a blog, so there’s a chance you’re in the same boat as me! 

Answer questions about your likes and dislikes and Picnic Mob will “seat” you next to others in your city that match your interests.  I’m not into World of Warcraft, but I love talking about my family, decorating, foo foo girly stuff, real estate, news, and scrapbooking.  It seems that if I could go to a “picnic” and network with others with similar interests that I would have yet one more fun outlet for meeting others!

This is great for people with social anxiety that still want to “meet” people, or it’s nice for people that are probably too busy to get out of the office (ahem) or house.  “But Lani, can’t I meet people on Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, a chat room or in the blogiverse?” you ask.  Yes.  But it’s not called a picnic, and I’m a Dork and I would like to go to a picnic.

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