A Friday Night in One Lifetime

I had the awesome luck some time ago to win the new CD by Christine Kane.  This was very exciting to me because I figured if her music was half as good as her blog, I knew I was in for a treat.

She did not disappoint.

I knew when I popped the CDs in, (it’s a two disc set) that I was going to blog about it.  So I tried to keep a list of my favorite songs.  It didn’t work.  Christine’s music is insightful without being heavy, funny without being gimmicky, and personal without being uncomfortable.  Oh, did I mention she can really sing too!

While I cannot pick favorites, I can pick notables.

  • Falling in Love with the Wind is the first track. I knew I was going to love this CD right then.
  • I’m with You made me stop multitasking.  This song is truly touching.
  • If Four Legs Good, Two Legs Bad doesn’t make you laugh out loud, you need to go out and get a sense of humor right this second – buy one if you need to.
  • What the Hell am I Doing with My Life? is awesome for it’s realness.  Who couldn’t relate?
  • Girls Like That is a real treat for girls like me.  Thinking back on this track makes me reconsider picking a favorite.

As great as the songs are, the real gem of the CD is having the opportunity to hear Christine interact with the crowd.  She is incredibly funny and her stories are priceless.  Her ability to be so relational with a crowd of folks is a gift.

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