Something Simple This Way Comes

With a degree in English Literature, I often refer to some of my favorite readings. Call me a dork, I don’t care! Some of you know that I’m a big fan of blog lists (especially writing them). As a scatterbrained person, it is an easy way for me to organize my thoughts. Today, I share “something simple this way comes” (10 points to whoever can name the reference, it’s nice and easy) in an effort to randomly show you 5 Life Simplifying Tips!

1. Clear tape is your friend. I use it to label my shelves by taking a strip, writing “skirts” or “dry goods” on it. It looks as if you wrote on the shelf and is especially stunning if your handwriting is as gorgeous as mine! It’s less permanent than your dymo tape and can be replaced quickly, harmlessly and inexpensively.

2. is your friend. I’ve written about itrecently, but you should know that this tool rocks! Sign up online for free and when that inspiring GTD thought pops into your head (but you’re on the treadmill or driving your car) and you can’t get to a post-it note, call Jott. It transcribes the message (quite accurately, I might add) and emails it to you. You can also call—email others. For example, “honey, please pick up our stupid dog from the vet on the way home” comes across to his phone in the form of email and is much more passive aggressive (totally my style) than reminding him directly.

3. DVR is your friend. If you don’t have a Digital Video Recorder, it is worth the extra monthly fee to be able to pause (oops, gotta pottie), rewind (omg- she DID just say that!), fast forward (through Ditech commercials) and record (you know I’m not around to watch TV until after 10). Quit being a wuss and just do it. You’ll thank me.

4. Dry erase markers are your friend. Whether you’re romantic/silly like my husband and I who write Nacho Libre quotes or I love you notes on our bathroom mirrors, or you’re forgetful (and is too complicated for you), markers on mirrors are awesome. It also works for the kids- “brush until the teeth song is over :)” or “don’t forget your homework folder.” Or, the younger ones love surprise happy faces or doodles.

5. Programmable thermostats are your friend. If you don’t have one, they are simple to install and can save you a bundle of cash. Plus, you can tap into your inner hippie and save energy and go hug a tree.

These are my scattered 5 tips to simplify your life.
What are YOUR 5 Simple Tips?

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  1. Greg Provance says:

    Thanks for the tips, especially the dry erase markers…I’ll be heading to Staples today to pick some up!
    Greg Provance

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