High Five

High Five

Dewayne Melancon over at Genuine Curosity has tagged me with a “5 sites you use at work” after he had been tagged by Ariane.

Like Dewayne, I am not sure if these are “top” – meaning, it is very possible that you could say, “Well what about…” and I would rethink.

But, these are five that I visit on a daily basis…some may not seem industry related, but they are April related.  I am a firm believer that when I am better, smarter, faster – my clients benefit. So here we go…

1) 21Online – Century 21 has a resource for it’s agents that I love.  Lots of training, insight, tools, and materials. (This is an agent only site. Consumers will find Century21.com far more helpful)

2) Managing with Aloha Coaching – My virtual coach.  Rosa helps me get my mind right and untangle the mess.

3) Think Positive –  Kirsten is my virtual encourager.  She enables me to take deep breaths, pull my shoulders back, and step into the flow of intention.

4) MapQuest – Almost always gets me to where I need to go.

5) Constant Contact – Best customer contact tool I have found.  They make Turn Around Tuesday easy.

Now I am getting selfish.  The five folks tagged are those who I admire and can’t wait to see their answers so I can use them!

Rosa Say
Phil Gerbyshak
Realtor Genius
Kris Berg
Jay Thompson


  1. Hey April,
    What a cool list! I am thrilled to be included. This should be and interesting bloggy tag to follow and find some good new tools and sites.

    By the way… I like the new site design! 🙂

  2. Phil Gerbyshak says:

    Hmmm, you’re going to make me think, aren’t you April? I’ll post mine up soon. Thanks for the challenge!

  3. This looks like a great meme to learn from!

    Here are mine April; as far as my WORK goes …

    1. I check in with Basecamp first, for it’s the project management software I use for my coaching clients, and I usually have several projects set up there. I’ve been experimenting with Backpack in the past month since the 37Signals team made some improvements with it, because I do want more of my work to be web-based.

    2. Firefox is my browser of choice, Google for search, and when the results come up I’ll usually go for the Wikipedia entries first! I also spend a good amount of time on Amazon.com for different reasons connected to Ho‘ohana Publishing.

    3. TypePad; I have three different accounts with them, with 18 “blogs” – I use the blogging “platform” for some client work different from the Basecamp applications. Lately I am doing a lot of re-work on the coaching and services pages of my main websites, http://www.sayleadershipcoaching.com and http://www.managingwithaloha.com – long overdue, and much more to do!

    4. Like you, I use Constant Contact as my email editor. Besides my monthly newsletter I use it for different client coaching/e-learning email campaigns. Frankly I’m not that crazy about it, but I haven’t been able to find anything better, and my habits are pretty set after using it for the last four years.

    5. Far as blogs go, my first priorities are keeping up with any conversation on MWAC and Joyful Jubilant Learning; I do consider them part of my work. After that, my next reads vary according to what I might be learning or benchmarking for better coaching models at any given time – I choose sites/blogs that are for study, business research and development and not reading … More and more I realize I must restrict community-blog reading to my non-working hours.

    Still a lot of time online! Coaching in the connected world …

  4. Kirsten – Thanks! Hubby is awesome with the artwork stuff.

    I am glad you like the idea…you are such an inspirational person – I can’t wait to see what inspires you!

    Phil – I read your blog all the time…I don’t believe for one second that thinking is hard for you 🙂

    Rosa – A lot of time online is right! That is one of the main reasons I participated in this meme (aside from the fact that Dewayne sent it). I love to pick the brain of people who seem to be making it work. Your project management system is a resource I had never heard of – I can’t wait to check it out.

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