Busy Week requires Right Mind

Last night I went through my schedule to prepare for the upcoming week.  It is a big one.  Big projects, big meetings, big events.  I must admit – it is near overwhelming (think fire hydrant drinking).

Don’t get me wrong, I am NOT complaining.  Things are busy because life is good.  I am so very thankful for that.  But, I must get my mind right before I wake my kids up.  This is a daily activity for me, but rarely as necessary as it is today.

Big times call for big coaching.  Rosa is going to fill that role for me today – and she’s probably asleep with the time difference and all.  Another power of the blog. 

Rosa has an article that I have bookmarked for times such as this.  The article is intended to help those discover their Ho’ohana (“working with passion, with full intention and with definitive purpose”).  Through her gentle guidance and Chris Cree’s “hey how about this?” questions, I have got the frame work pretty nailed down.

But the steps to finding your ho’ohana are also a great way to maintain your focus and move through the journey without tripping yourself up.

First of all, you need to stop allowing the magnitude of your own life to intimidate you.

Intimidate – to make timid or fearful; frighten; to compel or deter by or as if by threats

None of those things sound like an effective way to get through this week.  However, I would be lying and preparing myself for failure if I didn’t freely admit that there was plenty of “magnitude” to be intimidated about.

Denial is not a river in Egypt but both will wash you away.  So, I confront the possibility of my life intimating me head on.

  • My calendar is detailed and organized – no flying by the seat of my pants this week.
  • My task list is organized
  • My priorities are set
  • My preparation is solid 

My life belongs to me.  What I do with it is my responsibility.  My choices, my consequences.  I look to my Apocalypto quote.  “I am Jaguar Paw.  This is my jungle and I am not afraid.”

Ho‘ohana is very much about focus

And focus is about coffee.  Seriously (okay, so I was serious), having focus begins with determining what you are focusing on.  I am dedicated to going big.  I understand what those thoughts and dreams are.  But that is not my primary focus this week.  This is not a “planning” week – this a doing week.  This week is full of action steps.  My focus is putting action to idea.  This is a time to put quality checks in my “to do” boxes.  Quality checks.  That’s the focus.  Putting the flesh on the statements I make about what I can do and the fulfillment of guarantees. 

The “work” of Ho‘ohana is not just job

This reminds me that if I wanted “just a job” I could have picked goals that were much easier to obtain. I don’t. I want ‘Imi ola (“to seek life….our purpose in life is to seek its highest possible form”).  This is imperative to remember when I get tired – and I do get tired.  Or stressed, or overwhelmed, or discouraged…all those things that zap your drive if not anticipated with a battle-plan to overcome them.  Yes, a battle-plan – it is just that important.

You are better than you give yourself credit for. You achieve more than you take notice of.

Sound self important? I used to think so and shied away from this type of thinking.  It’s not. It is the power of a positive mind.  It’s also common sense when you think about it.

If I wasn’t good at what I do, I would be doing a disservice by offering myself to my clients.  If I don’t take note of my achievements, how do I measure progress and continue the journey of ‘Imi ola?  Knowing that I can accomplish what I have set out to do is the crux of effective action.  Recognizing what I have done today is the building block for what I will do tomorrow.

Inspiration is great.  How about offering some of your own. 

  • How do you deal with intimidation of “magnitude?”
  • Do you have a plan for getting your mind right?
  • Do you have a battle-plan?
  • What’s the one step of your day you can’t do without?


  1. Hi, being good to you is where to start. Then everything else can fall into place. If you are not good to you, it prevents you from being good to others.

    Starting with your coffee… first thing in the day are you going with the best, like Starbucks in a lovely French bodum? M-m-m-m Think I’ll have some now.

  2. Hi April,
    I am in the same boat… I have a very busy week and a ton of things to accomplish. I get overwhelmed if I think of all the things I need to do.

    My new motto is “think big, act small.” That reminds me that I can only take one step at a time. Like the saying – “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

    I break things down into small, bite-size chunks and then do one thing after another after another… until I am finished.

  3. Hi April! Your ping (I’d live there) peaked my curiousity, yet the post is non-existent. Did you change your mind? 🙂

  4. Robyn – excellent point that I believe in strongly (I keep my gym time blocked off). And I do enjoy great coffee – the Sumatra from Starbucks is my current favorite but someone has suggested a Jacobs brand that you can get online. Ever heard of it?

    Kirsten –

    …think big, act small.

    Awesome advice! Reminds me off a house cleaning method I have found works. With a family this size, you can only imagine the daunting task that becomes. But, they (can’t remember who) said look at it like dropping dish detergent into a pan of grease. On drop cuts a bit of grease, then another cuts a bit more. Just keep picking spots and before you know it

  5. Kris – The posts exists thanks to your generosity. I am glad I got a chance to speak to you. Makes the ethics debate completely worth the time.


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