We’re Moving on Up!

Itty, Bitty, Teenie Bit has out grown her baby carrier.

We are now in a big girl carseat.

Where does the time go…


  1. gl hoffman says:

    She is a real cutie. Not ‘quite’ as cute as my little girl…but she is all grown up now…
    have a great week!

  2. Look at her, all “big”!! Gosh I miss you girls (& Mark too)!! Give them all kisses from me.

  3. HiI She’s a heart stealer….so cute!

    I wanted you to know I have added you to the blogroll over at Georgia On My Mind.

    I invite you to submit something to the Georgia Carnival when it suits you.

    Have a great week!

  4. SQUEEE!

    I just tried to nibble on her toesies and got a mouth full of monitor. Bleah.

    What a sweetiepie.

  5. GL – Our own is always an acceptable exception…that’s a high honor.

    Jeanie – Miss you too! We need to make plans…

    EHT – Thanks so much – for the compliment and the addition. Your place is a great resource for me. I look forward to participating.

    Lisa – you are too funny. Too bad you got hung up by the monitor…she would have giggled profusely and you both would have had a big time!

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