I’d Live There

Today, “I’d Live There” takes a turn.  Instead of looking for a property, I have decided to look for a blogger.  There are a few reasons I enjoying doing it this way –

  • Real Estate bloggers are going the extra mile in a creative way to give their clients the best possible service and marketing – they deserve a hat tip.
  • If I were to move away from my favorite place on Earth, I would at least like to know I am relocating where there is at least one person I already know I like.
  • If I had to go through the process of buying a home in an unfamiliar location, I would like to know that I am working with a professional I trust.

On with the show…

The Bergs, have this beautiful Scripps Ranch property available.


Better than 3500 square foot, it has plenty of room for my larger family.  The floor plan is open and I love that!


But, the deal maker was this kitchen!  Wow!!


More information  on the home can be obtained on their website.

More information about the Bergs can be found on the blog.

Photos obtained from Zillow.


  1. Now I know Kris doesn’t mind and I certainly wouldn’t either had I been the listing agent, but isn’t this a violation of NAR since TECHNICALLY you are writing (advertising) about someone else’s listings?

    Just a discussion topic!

  2. … and possibly depending on your state laws a violation of real estate laws since you cannot advertise a listing without the owner’s permission?

    How do you guys see this issue?

  3. You raise a fantastic point. Never really looked at it as more than agents supporting each other since the post links back to Kris and Steve eight separate times. So much talk about ill will and back stabbing in the industry. This is just my small way of trying to put a dent in that since I feel it is highly over exaggerated and I almost enjoy the company of my colleagues.

    However, the post is back as I have just gotten off the phone with a very happy Kris Berg who has assured me she approves of the post.

  4. Derek,

    I understand the point you make, but April posted this with my permission. Further, I think the distinction is this – If one were to routinely snag the photos of my listings and post them for the purpose of furthering their own business agenda, with no link back or credit given, that could be construed as a violation. To post with permission and full credit given is another matter entirely, and I appreciate the additional exposure for my site and for my client’s home.

    I am going to have to give this whole issue some more thought. At any given moment, there are a thousand bloggers posting bad MLS photos (myself included),and Redfin is republishing photos of homes from the MLS on their Sweet Digs site, all without express permission. Could either or both of these practices be construed as a violation? In my neck of the woods, agents frequently distribute marketing pieces giving information on listings of other agents. As long as they don’t publish the address and they do include the caveat that the listings “represent the activities of various brokers”, it is allowed, with or without my consent. If it is a question of photo copyright, can we really claim ownership of our MLS photos when we have posted them on every listing aggregator site in the free world?

    I don’t profess to know the answers, but I think intent has to be factored, and I don’t for a second think April was trying to generate business in Georgia by promoting my San Diego listing.

    On a lighter note, this kitchen is to die for, and in the case of this particular home, the photos do not deceive – It is gorgeous. April, as luck would have it, it is still available, and I know a really good agent if you are interested in making an offer!

  5. April,

    Your mom would die for this kitchen!! We could all fit in it easily 🙂

  6. Kris: Good point, if sites like Redfin doesn’t have permission from either the listing agent or the owner, to post the pictures then my guess would be that they are indeed in violation of advertising someone else’s listing. Got to read the fine print on that one.

    Also you raised a good point that could cross over into copyright issues. It’s legal as far as I know to write about stuff if you cite and give proper credit. If NAR disallows it, perhaps they too have raised a issue by disallowing their members to say participate in rights we would normally be able to exercise (write about if we were not NAR members) on our own free will? (Does that make sense?)

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