You're a Realtor, so why do you blog? (pt 2)

You’re a Realtor, so why do you blog? (pt 2)

Yesterday we discussed why April the person blogs.  Today, I’ll explain why April the Realtor does it.

 If you spend any amount of time here, you will find that the actual real estate information is scarce – seems odd for a blogging real estate agent, right?  I don’t think so.  You can get information all over the place.  If you are in need of information you can’t find, email me and I’ll send it to you.  But my purpose in blogging is not to provide real estate information to a vast amount of people – that will come later in the process.  The process of the blog is create the relationship – the essential foundation for the process.

I specialize in residential real estate.  I like homeowners, I like homes.  The process of working with someone to find their sanctuary from the world enthralls me.  As such, I feel that my business is totally relational in nature.

Many relationships can be created face to face.  Some cannot.  Blogging is my way to instigate the former and allow for the latter.

It is my belief that finding an agent to work with is the most important step in the home buying/selling process.  Interview me, find out if you like me, decide if I am someone you can work with.  The process of residential transactions can be an emotional one.  I respect and understand that.  You need to know who you are dealing with.

Blogging affords me the venue to say, “Hello, my name is April.  This is what I believe, this is how I think, and this is who I am,” in a way that is open and non confrontational.  It is my living, breathing resume that I invite you to look over at your leisure and without commitment.

Living in Richmond Hill, much of our market consists of military relocation and an increasing amount of corporate relocation.  Blogging allows those who cannot have coffee with me to get to know me anyway.  I have a soft spot for people who have to find their haven from across the miles.  What a daunting task that is.  Blogging is my small attempt to make that easier.

Marketing property in a fluctuating market is another huge task.  The days of a property only needing to be announced as “for sale” in order for it to sell are possible, but not constant.  Newspaper ads reach a community, as do other hyper local advertising venues.  These are necessary and wonderful, but not complete.  An Internet prescence reaches people everywhere, in their pajamas, at midnight, when they want the information.  It is my job as your agent to facilitate that presence so that your property will reach these folks in a way that was not possible before. 

In essence, blogging is a natural thing for an agent such as myself to do.  It is my resume, it is a relationship builder, and it assists with the marketing of property.  I believe this is true for a great many bloggers in a relational business.  As a consumer, I find it helpful to get to know the person behind the business.  As a business, I know it is essential that you decide whether or not you are comfortable with me. 


  1. Not only is it your resume, it gives you an approachability factor that is unparalleled. Sales people in any profession seem ready to pounce at the opportunity to seize a sales opportunity, but when you provide a real time forum for clients to anonymously learn about you, you become trustworthy, approachable and they will already know you and have given you a virtual handshake before you even know their name.

    You are so very intelligent for embracing the non-sales side of Real Estate because this is NATURAL for you. Smart cookie!

  2. you become trustworthy, approachable and they will already know you and have given you a virtual handshake before you even know their name.

    This is a great point and I am glad you mentioned it. Well, put!

  3. “Blogging affords me the venue to say, “Hello, my name is April. This is what I believe, this is how I think, and this is who I am,” in a way that is open and non confrontational.”

    That pretty much sums it up for me. (well, replace “April” with “Jay”…)

    Real estate is a people business. People choose an agent they “connect” with for whatever reason. Putting your thoughts, knowledge and heart on-line for people to see is the single best way to display your personality. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve first met a client and they say something like, “I feel like I already know you…”

  4. I am amazed that many real estate agents do not see blogging as a marketing tool. Just look around and you will see huge companies as Amazon use blogging to market their brand and their products. Its a shame that Realtors are so much behind.

  5. MLS – I dunno…I think comparative to other industries, agents get it better than most. I just don’t think blogging is for everybody. This isn’t the easiest marketing venue as far as time and dedication – not to mention the level of difficulty if you don’t like to write.

    But I agree, it is a great marketing tool for my business model and it is exciting to watch the whole thing evolve.

  6. April,
    Sorry for using the name of my blog instead of my own 🙂 . I generally try to avoid doing so. I don’t want to leave impression as one of those one time pass by commentors.

    As a former real estate agent I think blogging or at least having a website is a must for every single agent. If one can learn how to use a Blackberry they should have no problem to master the “blogging”.

    In the office that I used to work, every agent had some sort of a monthly newsletter. If they had enough skills to write those why not write a blog even if it is once a month.

    I have been following your blog since you have joined Real Estate community at BumpZee. Keep up the good work. I will be sharing some link love in the next few days with all the blogs in that community.

  7. Vlad – It’s no problem…however, I must say that “Vlad” is a way cooler name than “MLS” 🙂

    I agree about the website…not so much about the blog.

    I have found blogging to be time and labor intensive. I believe you have to love it. Otherwise, the relational aspect of the blog is lost and it just won’t work.

    But, you are very right – you need a website…this day and age people make assumptions towards the negative if you don’t

    Thanks so much for coming along on the journey 🙂 I am really glad we have had the chance to say “hello!” I hope to do it more often in the future 🙂

  8. Nice post. I write a business blog for the same reasons you do. 🙂

  9. Thanks, Teresa. I love your blogs great mix of local info, real estate stuff, and tons of funny 🙂

    Thanks for coming by and checking out the place.

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