The Chameleon meets the Chaos

So very exciting!  My friend Lani has joined me here.  I hope you all will find her as thought provoking as I do.

Lani has already introduced herself, so I’ll explain how she got here. I have addressed it before, but now she is here!

Lani and I began exchanging emails.  We found out very quickly that we clicked on a relational level.  We found that we were able to bounce ideas, address fears, share personal accounts, and basically be friends in a safe environment.  We challenge each other to self examine and to be better today than yesterday.

The emails are full of things we would never blog about.  But, they are also salt and peppered with topics that are totally bloggable and challenging.

We toyed with the idea of creating that challenge blog, but neither of us really needed a new blog to maintain.  Lani has done a wonderful job of focusing her site, RERevealed, and these types of topics don’t really blend.

I trust Lani to be gracious, smart, encouraging, and beneficial – so, why not let her write here?  Beautiful Chaos is already set up for the personal and it already addresses the importance of challenge and introspection.

Too excited that my friend has come over to play,


  1. YAY! Let’s play! 🙂 You’re so kind April, thank you thank you thank you!

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