You’re a Realtor, so why do you blog?

This is a phenomenal question of which I get asked fairly often.  Typically it follows the question, “What’s a blog?”

Today I am going to address why I blog as a person.  Tomorrow we will talk about how that relates to real estate.  The most exciting part about this two parter is that I am so hoping you will tell me why you blog and how it grows your business.

Even if I were not a Realtor, I would be a blogger.  I wish I had known about the blogging community sooner.  The characteristics of the folks here have been amazing.

  • Free exchange of ideas and information
  • abundance of encouragement
  • disagreements with love
  • agreements with excitement
  • instigation to think deeper

I have experienced more personal growth in the last 6 months than I have in the last six years.  There have only been two other times in my life I can remember such a massive transformation taking place – motherhood, and wifehood.  That’s some pretty tall company.

Where does this life changing information come from?  Everywhere.  I have been honored to be included on a list of Women Bloggers.  How neat it was when I realized Liz had thought of me when it came her time to add to the list.  I am still working on mine and it should be up soon.  But you could pick anyone of these blogs and find something you didn’t know.

You can also look to your left – that blog roll is filled with people smarter than me and I am working hard to catch up.  I know that I will because they are opening their arms and their minds to me.

Speaking of encouragement – I am busting at the seams!  This has been a phenom week for my encouragement level.

Sunday, Rosa gave Dave, Tim, Dwayne, Joanna, Dean, Rich, and I the “Thinking Blogger Award.”  The honor is great.  The words she used to tell each of us how much she cared about us left me speechless.

Yesterday, Priscilla Palmer, life coach, decided I was a Rocking Girl Blogger!  That’s a title I could get use to.

So today, I am up early, prepared, motivated, positive, energized, and full of ideas. That has to be good for my clients! I am betting it is good for yours too…


  1. Joanna Young says:

    Hi April, I can say that you definitely Rock! Congratulations on all your rewards – well deserved.

    I loved hearing about what you’d learned from the experience of blogging. It’s such a great way to learn about what you do and who you are – as well as learning from other people there’s also something very powerful about learning what we already know once we see it written down!

    Best wishes


  2. Hi April!
    This list is right on it!

    Free exchange of ideas and information
    abundance of encouragement
    disagreements with love
    agreements with excitement
    instigation to think deeper
    and might I add:
    a challenge to step up and show up daily

    Every day my blog calls me to be a little better than the day before.

  3. Liz – that is a phenom addition! The accountability and the obligation to really think about what I am saying before I just release it out into the far reaches of the blogosphere is so enriching – you are right, it makes us better.

    Joanna – Thank you! I so love to rock! And I couldn’t agree with you more about the education received on the blogs of others. When another person’s words confront our own preconceived thoughts, the ability to grow is enormous.

  4. Because I am too lazy to finish the three books I am writing and need something to write about 🙂

    … Yes, I have three books I have been writing!

  5. Well – you should get to it so we can read them


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