Workout Wednesday

For those who don’t know, I have recently recovered from 2 solid years of pregnancy – yep, I’ve got the elephants beat.

In February 2005, we discovered that we were expecting our third child.  A crushing blow came 2 months later when we found out we had lost her.  2 months later, we got the news that we were already expecting again – we were amazed and welcomed Emily into the world February 2006.  In June, we were greatly surprised to find out that our family was about to fly in the face of conventional medical opinion.  Despite multiple preventative measures, we were expecting again.  In February 2007, Morgan graced us with her presence.

2 years.  Pregnant. Wow.

Now, Morgan is 6 months old.  It’s time to face the facts.  I need a gym membership.

As luck would have it, the opportunity to obtain one occurred under fantastic circumstances.

Kathy Ackerman is the owner of Energy Oasis.  This happens to be the premiere gym and spa in Richmond Hill.  She is a member of The Women’s Business Alliance of Richmond Hill.  She hosted our monthly meeting at her gym.  While we were there, she offered all the ladies in attendance a waived registration fee, 2 training sessions, and a 40 minute Swedish relaxation massage!  Woo Hoo!  I am in.

I had my orientation session with Kathy yesterday.  Now, I am no stranger to a gym – we just had divided paths for a while.  But yesterday was an eye opener.  I have always been strong, and I still am – but boy am I sore this morning.  And getting my heart rate up for the cardio part was easier than it should have been.  Can you say “out of shape”?

But, I am very excited and am dedicated to going back today – even if it is just for my massage 🙂 

I am curious though…the current challenge is not motivation to go, but scheduling it into my day.  See, I am a hair and makeup kind of girl.  It takes me between 30 to 45 minutes to get ready.  I am looking for some tips to get in and out of the gym quickly in that respect.  Got anything? 


  1. Schedule it into your day, as you do everything else. And take that time for YOU. Because you deserve it. Carry a bag with you all the time that contains gym clothes and shoes, face cleaning towelettes, and deodorant. And a small bag of only the most neccessary make-up items. That way, you can get in there and get down to business. And when you are done, clean off the remaining (sweaty) make-up, and apply a fresh face to continue your day with! Good Luck! I’m trying to make my treadmill my best friend. I’ll let you know when it starts happening!!!

  2. What great pointers! The keep a bag thing is great! You should move to Richmond Hill and be my workout buddy 🙂

  3. Screw the gym… I just end up looking at the women and my ugly gut in the mirror. Go running instead. Besides you should know how to run, you’re a Navy girl.

    Save money and go to your school gym if you must. Even through you are in online classes, there may be a student feee attached to your tution so you may be able to go to their gym anyways. If nothing else, go to your local high school gym. I am a coach and I know I and several other coaches who do not mind opening the weight room up after school as long as you turn out the lights.

  4. I am lucky that the gym I joined is mostly women and she says my intended times are the slowest – so far, no stalkers.

    Those are great low cost option – but I was really excited about joining this particular gym. Kathy is an amazing woman – wife, mommy, cancer survivor, and big chance taker. It is an awesome opportunity to be able to support her and get back into shape.

  5. If I could afford to live in the Hill and didn’t mind being around so many people, you know I’d be your gym buddy! As is, I’m a country girl, and like my privacy too much to live in a bigger city than where I already live. Again, good luck!!!

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