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After much procrastination, I’m finally writing my first post on my friend April’s site!  Well, you are here, so you already knew where you were… [nervous pause]  So, this picture was taken this summer of me acting mad that the photographers caught me in my husband’s inherited top hat (another day you’ll hear that story) and my stepson happy that I’m annoyed… we’re a silly bunch!

Ok, instead of writing something witty about Real Estate, children, or kittens, I’ll introduce myself!  I’m Lani Anglin from Austin, Texas.  I graduated from the University of Texas in Austin and am a ginormous Longhorns fan (I better be, those alumni dollars say I am)!  I am an avid blogger; some of you may read the blog I host (RERevealed, short for Real Estate Revealed) which used to be  Finding Realtor Wives turned out to be tricky, so the format evolved into an opinion/analysis blog from my non-Realtor point of view. 

I write on Bloodhound Blog which is a national Real Estate blog which is much more popular than the blog I host.  But, I was invited to “run with the big dogs” so I at least try to jog!

Now, I live with my husband who is also a blogger.  Yes, we both have laptops and we’re both currently winding down quietly watching Fox News and blogging.  I love when he chuckles at something across the room!  Chances are, I already read whatever’s making him laugh since I have nearly 200 blogs on my feed reader.

My husband owns a Real Estate firm here in Austin and with his Web 2.0 attitude, he is an amazing Realtor and a marketing genius.  I have been working with him for some time as an Asset Manager but was recently named Director of Asset Management- woo hoo! 

All that said, we share custody of my stepchildren who are 10 and 16.  They’re amazing but, boy are teens a massive challenge!!!

I am in RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults) in the Catholic church which is a series of classes I’m taking to become confirmed in the Catholic faith.  I was raised in the Episcopal church which is almost the same thing, so I’m still in my comfort zone.  I bring this up because faith is the most difficult part of my life to speak publicly about because in the world of Real Estate, the sharks are salivating on the sideline hoping anyone will slip so they can snap into their litigious mode.  That said, it is a very important part of my life, in fact it is a focus of mine, so it is a big part of the “Lani” puzzle.

So, now that you’ve gotten through the obligatory introduction material, I will share with you 10 RANDOM JUICY GOODS ON LANI:

1.) Cheese is my favorite food and Nacho Libre is my favorite movie- I can’t get enough of either.

2.) We have an American Eskimo/Spitz dog (“Cracker”), 2 gross turtles (“Missy” and “Elliot” but “Martha” and “Stewart” ran away), Sea Monkeys (aka water lice),  and 3 cats (“City Kitty,” “Puff Kitty,” and “Meow Meow”).   The rule is that all of these guys have to die before we add anyone else to the family.  Unless my husband dies, then I become the old cat lady.

3.) I have my hair dyed blonde and judge people for not getting their eyebrows dyed to match their head hair.

4.) I live in Austin so I wear flip flops almost every day, even to fancy restaurants.

5.) My pinky fingers, toes, big toes and ankles pop when I move them and my hip pops out of joint- it’s gross and loud.  I’ll have to show y’all sometime!

6.) When I first saw “Little Shop of Horrors,” I developed an irrational fear of Steve Martin as the dentist and was convinced that he was under my bed preparing to hurt my teeth.  I know this dates me but I don’t care.

7.) I am 1 class short of having a degree in Spanish and I’ve lived in Spain as well as Mexico but I don’t speak Spanish anymore.  You really can lose a language.

8.) Only one word truly rhymes with my name which is Hawaiian (said “Lonnie”) and it was my nickname until I was 19.  Don’t say it out loud; I’m sensitive.

9.) Sometimes I’m a cusser.  Ask April.

10.) Until a month before I graduated high school, I was on track to be a journalist having started truly writing when I was first published at age 10.  I competed in Newspaper, Yearbook, UIL Creative Writing, UIL Journalism and wrote freelance short stories by the time I was 15.  I was never a better writer than anyone else, I was just advanced for my age… then everyone caught up with me.

Anyhow, a month before graduation, I had to interview Josh in his home about missing graduation because he was too sick to make it and wasn’t sure he’d live another month.  He’d been in a wheelchair since we were 10 and we all were friends with him.  It was really sad for me, and I went to his house and just shot the junk while holding his hand.  He didn’t die before graduation, but he didn’t attend and I never saw him again before he did pass.

Sitting at his side, I realized I couldn’t make a career of chasing people’s private business.  I got in trouble for not writing the story as I was assigned, but I had already quit in my head- it wasn’t my story to tell and my days in journalism were over.  So I went to UT and studied English so I could go to law school.  I met my husband in college and changed course immediately- I was hooked on Real Estate!

Anyhow, if you’re still reading all the way down here, you’re nuts– April, you must have a really great readership!  Since I don’t know many of y’all, maybe you could tell me about YOU in the comments?  I’m so excited to be here and I thank April for the outlet!!!


  1. I am Derek Burress. I am 80% deaf, and only communicate via text and email most of the time. I am a high scool baseball coahc of 8 seasons and coached cross country for two of those 8. Aged 26. Got a real estate license but thinks RE is full of crap so I am going for teaching instead. I will keep my license in good standings but I have no plans to go active anytime soon.

    Played minor league ball for one season in the Indians organization. Started college in nursing as I wanted to be a doctor but I think I have now found my true calling.

    As for religion, southern baptist. Registered democrat but too darn conservative so I am a closet republican but I live n the south so if I am not a democrat I can’t vote….. umm got one vote write in for NC House of Reps. in the last election and 8 for county commissioner.

    I am an odd guy… love civil war and native american stuff…. i go to pow wows at times too and yes i am 100% white which freaks some people out about me. i have an honorary NDN name but due to custom, it can’t be repeated or else i may end up cursed! 🙂

    Anything else and you’ll have to ask…


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