The Magnetic $55

As you know from my Saturday drive by post – family fun day was in full effect!  Mom graciously agreed to keep the two babies – if we agreed to take Dad 🙂

Saturday morning, almost right after I hit the publish button on the blog, we loaded up and headed to Splash in the ‘Boro.  I am surprised the seat belts aren’t worn rags after containing my girls for the eleventy billion hour ride (ok, it’s right at an hour, but they don’t believe me).

Get there, day is beautiful, line is short, no problems.  Get a locker because keeping up with two kids is enough – I don’t need to worry about stuff too.  Hmmm, locker doesn’t seem to be big enough for three adults and two children – get another locker.

Lock it up and put away the keys.  Dad’s swim trucks have a zipper pocket – perfect! They should all be made that way.

Head over to the play structure and the kids splash around and wait for the ginormous bucket to fall on their head.  It does and they are ready to do something else.

Off to the lazy river.  Woo Hoo!!  This is my favorite part of the park.  I would stay here all day if the kids would let me.  Grab some floats, lay back, and mosey on down the track.

This does not entertain them long, so it’s time to move on.  Hand off the floats, get out the river, hubby gets distressed.  $55 in his velcroed back pocket is gone.

Pick pocket? Maybe.  Fell out somewhere? Probable.  Gone forever? Surely.

I must admit, it could have happened to anybody, but I was torqued (refer to number of lockers rented).  But, it was a beautiful day and Savannah wanted the ginormous bucket to drown her again.  I head in that direction.

In a half hour – my jaw will hit the non skid surface of the kiddie pool.

Mark walks towards me with the biggest smile on his face.

  • A $20 floated past him on the bridge.
  • A $10 was stuck on the vent.
  • $3 were floating around too.
  • The last $20 made its way to another vent.
  • Lifeguard found $2 (which he let her keep).

Yep – your are reading right…all $55 were recovered.  And, in my true bloggy self, I picked my jaw up off the floor and declared, “That’s getting blogged!”

We then promptly deposited $53 into the locker and I apologized for being torqued.

Kinda makes the fact that we all successful left without a sunburn seem like small potatoes…


  1. OMG that’s awesome!!! I get so miffed at the little things like that and it usually ends up resolving itself. Guess you were meant to have your $55… yay!

    Glad you had fun!!!

  2. LMAO. Classic.

  3. ROFL. What an awesome story! =D

  4. Lani – guess so…it was so bizarre!

    Athol – me too…even still can’t get over it…

  5. Hi April,
    What a great story! Good for you that you decided to just go with the flow and keep having fun. You could have decided to leave the park in frustration and you might not have recovered the money. I love lessons like that! 🙂

  6. My jaw would have hit the ground too. That is almost unbelievable. I love how, when everything resolves itself, you declare, “That’s getting blogged!”

  7. Kirsten – Don’t give me too much credit…I was really irritated. Hubby was much more the catalyst of positivity than I was 🙂 (PS – I am emailing you about the great CD sometime soon)

    EM – Crazy, I know!

    Anna – I have to make sure I make declarative statements like that so that hubby is well aware of when he is getting put out there. It is funnier when something happens and HE says “you had better not blog that.” Ah, the life of a bloggers husband 🙂

  8. This is a great story! Especially the “This is getting blogged” line. I always say that when bloggers have bad customer service stories, or hellish experiences at hotels on the road, instead of getting mad, they now get to say things like, “Oh, I am SO gonna blog about this.”

  9. Hi April,
    You may have been irritate and even super peeved, but you made a decision to stay and let the girls have more fun. 🙂

    Perhaps we all need to wear a “beware I’m a blogger” button. You know… just to give fair warning to those around us that we will be blogging about our experiences. ;>

    ps. can’t wait to hear feedback on the CD!

  10. Christine – neat how finding a purpose or a lesson in all things make even the less than desirable ones a little bit better – bloggy benefit I guess

    Kirsten – BUTTONS!! What a great idea 🙂


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