Needling Folks

Needling Folks

Yesterday I talked about the common thread in blogging.  Today, I want to show my appreciation for those who are stepping up to be the needles. 

Chris CreeSuccessCreeations, will always be at the top of my list – he is the whole reason I am even here.

Rosa Say, Managing with Aloha Coaching, has taken me under her incredible wing.  She exudes grace and kindness. I still have a hard time believing she lets me write for Joyful, Jubilant, Learning.

Lani Anglin, RERevealed, is my friend. She gives me a safe place to wonder and forces me outside of the box.

Dawud Miracle, webdesigner, is an awesome family guy with a big heart.

Timothy Johnson, Carpe Factum, is not only fresh and smart, but is open with what he knows and generous with his time.

Liz Strauss, Successful Blog, is a woman for the ages.  An open thinker with an open heart, she will makes those around her consistently feel appreciated and valuable.

Phil Gerbyshak, Make it Great, is the only person I know who is more positive than me and Terry Starbucker. He also understands the awesome power of a simple phone call.

Jay Thompson, The Phoenix Real Estate Guy, has made it a point to share all that he knows – which is a good thing for me, because he knows a lot.

Shailesh Ghimire, Arizona Mortgage Guru, is always on the look out to add value where value is needed.

I can’t express enough the sentiment I wrote about yesterday – if I had only known sooner about the awesome community located in my computer…

But I am sure glad I know about it now.

I would love to hear about your community of folks.  Who are your “needlers?”


  1. Craig Harper says:

    Hey April,

    I really enjoy your blog and I see you’re also a fan of some of my favourite bloggers like:

    Chris Cree, Liz Strauss, Phil Gerbyshak, and
    Tony Clark.

    Keep up the great writing.

    Craig Harper

  2. April!
    It’s your joy, your vitality, and your life wisdom. They make it a pleasure to be in your company. Thank you for this honor and for the addition to your blogroll. I’m feeling appreciated and valuable myself. 🙂

  3. Ah April, you’re too kind. Thank you for including me among this amazing group of people. Truly, I’m honored and humbled. I’d love to write more, but my 16 month-old son has decided to tackle my 3 year-old daughter and I have to help him.

  4. Wow, April, you’ve placed me in some very powerfully positive company… including yourself. It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance. Your blog is also a treasure that I enjoy reading. Hope to meet you in person at SOBCon08.

  5. April! First, thanks for including me in such great company – this is truly an awesome community, with enough positive vibes to light up the whole world (we’ll have to try that sometime!). Second, welcome to JJL!! I really look forward to your contributions. Last, I’m honored to be on your blogroll, and I will gladly return the favor.

    Thanks again, and all the best!

  6. Rosa Say | Managing with Aloha says:

    April, it’s not that I have “let you write,” yours is a voice that should be heard! You are so positive and optimistic, and it is also such a joy for us to hear it.

    This posting shows how very smart you are, not going it alone when you don’t have to, and choosing your own “advisory board” carefully, with people who care about you “needling” you to become all you are meant to be. And girl, you make us proud!

  7. Thanks for the kind words April. I’ve been “lurking” on several of the “life development” blogs you mention and they are amazing. TO be even remptely connected to them is an honor.

  8. Liz – You should because you are!

    Dawud – I understand that scenario well…

    Timothy – SOBCon ’08 – I am sooooo there.

    Craig – Thanks! I am a fan of yours as well.

    Terry – Thanks! I am so incredibly excited about JJL. I am so honored to be in your company and of that of the other contributors.

    Jay – No, thank you…and I am glad you are enjoying the others – I surely do!

  9. April,

    Like I said in my e-mail to you this morning, I can’t believe that you’ve included me in this amazing list. I feel honored to be spoken of in the same list of people.

    I love reading your blog April and you have an easy to read writing style and your personal warmth just ooozes through. Your energy, enthusiasm and love of life is really an inspiration to me personally.

    Keep on and thank you thank you for your endorsement. It just made my day.


  10. Phil Gerbyshak says:

    Wow April, thanks for putting me in with the greatness here. So many to choose from, many of which I read and learn from every day!

    1 phone call is all it takes to solidify a friendship. So glad you’re in my world, and for allowing me to be in yours.

    Looking forward to your continued greatness to shine through. Inspiring is the best word that comes to mind right now about you. Keep it up!

  11. April, thanks so much for the mention, buddy! The people who are my needlers are the ones that I would fly out to help if everything came crashing down for them (not that they’d need my help) and the list is small…

    Naturally, you (April) top my list,

    Jeff Brown at Bawldguy

    Greg Swann at Bloodhound

    Kris Berg at Sandie Go Home

    Jay Thompson at Phoenix Real Estate Guy

    There are more that I adore and NEED, but those are my top.

    And the BEST part of my day:
    LOL Cats at I can Has Cheezburger

  12. Rosa – From you, I could not have asked for more encouragement. I am learning to dream big…you are helping me to dream huge!

    Shailesh – It is well deserved as you have always shown yourself as an individual well qualified to lead and helpful enough to be a team player. Those two qualities are hard to mesh and you do it with class. I am blushing at and appreciative of your kind words – thank you.

    Lani – You should know you can linky love in my space if you want to! I am going to edit your comments right now – well right next! You would fly out? Really? I think I have a blister on my big toe and have lost the band aids…see ya in a day or so

    Phil – You are awesome! Thanks so much for making the choice to pick up the phone – my world is better for it.

  13. Yes, I would fly! ummm… I think your blister will have to turn into a tumor for me to jump 😉

    I failed to mention my biggest needler, my best friend in the entire world, Realtor Genius who once (years ago) asked me to marry him.

    Oh, I said yes.

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