Common Threads of Blogging

Common Threads of Blogging

I love to blog.  As my blogs approach their six month birthday (I can hardly believe it has been that long) I take time to reflect on their effect on me.  It has been profound.

Blogging has taught me why I love real estate. It has also introduced me to a number of other things I would like to pursue. They all have common threads.

  • Community
  • Learning
  • Coaching
  • Expression
  • Ideas
  • Value

There may be more, but that about sums it up.

There is a greatness in the desire to be the best you can be in order to

  1. realize your personal best
  2. provide for your family 
  3. help others achieve their best.

Being awesome in and of itself seems unfulfilling.  Providing only for you and yours seems short sighted. Providing only for others seems unsustainable. But when these things work together, wondrous things occur.

These are the types of projects I want to be involved in.

Real Estate does this.  If you have ever worked with a first time home buyer, a seller with an unexpected move, a tough family situation, you realize there are more things at sake than just a commission.

Blogging does this. I would have started a long time ago if I had known the community that thrived in my computer. The willingness to teach, the desire to learn, and the openness of community is mind blowing.

It challenges me and I therefore, challenge you.

  • What is it that makes your desired profession great?
  • What are those common threads that draw you to an idea?
  • What do you do to add to that collective?


  1. April.
    I’ve taken a brief hiatus from blogging for a few weeks over the summer to spend time with the family. But I’m with you on this…blogging is a cool tool to open up amazing opportunities.

    Glad we’re on the same team.

  2. Tim – Thanks for coming by. Do you plan on resuming the blog? I would love to hear about it if you do.

  3. Yup. I’m starting to map out my re-entry into the blogosphere. Studentlinc will rise again (that sounds a bit dramatic don’t you think?!?).

    Of course, as I do with most of my friends in the blogging community…simply subscribe to RSS feed in your reader and you’ll know when I start flooding the world with student leadership goodness.

  4. Nope not too dramatic at all – it should be announced with much trumpeting
    Going to my feed reader now…


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