Monday Morning Musing

The shoes post was received warmly over the weekend.  Mostly because my Em’ is so darn cute. But also because I think it resonates with most parents.

If we had one pair of shoes to give our children, what kind would they be and why? If you have multiple children, would they be the same type of shoe, or different? If you don’t have children, what kind of shoes do you want for that person closest to you?

I am so curious to know…


  1. Can I pick 2? The first would be a pair of tennis shoes, to give his feet the support he needed to carry him wherever he wanted to go. Whether he was walking or running. The second pair would be a pair of combat boots. There have been so many strong, brave, wonderful men and women fill these shoes, and I would want him to know that what it felt like to walk a mile in the shoes of heros. And that’s my answer!

  2. You sure can!! Any particular brand of tennis shoes? And the combat boots…how awesome!

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