Give them shoes to fill

My Em’ loves shoes. All shoes. Mine, her’s, her Daddy’s. High heels, flip flops, boots, and sandals. She even likes to make sure that you have shoes.

It is almost amazing how good she is at it. These wedges are pretty tall – she walked up and down the hall way listening to the sound they made.

Right now, it is comical. Her little feet in my big ol’ shoes, clunking her way around, looking up every so often to laugh as she is very pleased with herself.

One day, she will fill my shoes.

I had my first daughter when I was 20. Until that time, I was a typical 20 year old – thought I had all the answers. When I looked at that little pink blanket, I realized I had none.

What I did know was the same thing that every good parent realizes very early in life of their child – I wanted better for her than I ever had. I wanted her to be a better woman. How do I do that? By becoming a better woman myself.

Three more babies later, I still wonder sometimes if I know what I am doing. I think as parents we all ask ourselves many of the same things. Many of us envision a futuristic Dr. Phil show where that one time we picked them up late from ball practice will be thrown in our face. You worry yourself to death thinking about those kinds of things – so I quit.

Instead, I see all the things about each of them that makes them so special. I try to learn those things and help them develop them. They have such wonderful hearts – often I feel it’s not fair that I learn so much more from them than they learn from me.

But I will continue to attempt to give them shoes to fill.


  1. What a nice surprise to hear from you!! Thank you for stopping by SGL ~ and understanding my all too klutzy moments I share there……..unfortunately, I have MANY moments like that – I think I’m too busy thinking into the next day!! LOL ~
    Here’s a doozy from my Best of collection:

    Love your “big shoes” photo – while I’m just a few years ahead of you w/sons 14 & 15, I worry too about my mistakes along this parenting journey.
    I have enjoyed perusing through your blog(s) this morning and I hope to visit more. So how do you like coastal Georgia? I have family born and raised in Savannah and family living in Richmond Hill also. I had hoped to move our family to the coast when we left Atlanta, but………..we didn’t make it that far – but that’s okay – I’ll find a little spot there one day soon enough.
    Have a great weekend ~
    p.s. I read the Secret, too, while there is a great deal I do not agree with (being an Orthodox Christian) – there was still plenty of food for thought (the whole atomic energy concept…….very good) and it made for a motivating read.
    take care ~

  2. Harriette – Thanks for coming by yourself. I found you while I was on a mission to find other local bloggers in this area. You were a great read and I enjoyed the fun to be had on your site.

    I love living in coastal Georgia – I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. You should shoot me an email – I’ll bet we know some of the same people.

  3. Aw. You make me want to start crying, April – in a good way. I’ve watched my children do the same thing. I remember doing the same thing. I think we all think those thoughts. And you’re oh so right about feeling like we learn more from them than they learn from us.

  4. Rick – It’s amazing the education we get from our children. I am so thankful for it. I am glad you enjoyed your trip down memory lane.


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