Business Training from a 10 Year Old

There has been more than once this summer when my children have accompanied me to the office.  They don’t mind so much as we have an upstairs conference room complete with a white board, dry erase markers, TV, and VCR. It’s practically a playground.

I went upstairs to have them clean up – it was time to go home. What I saw when I got up there gave me a chuckle. Sometimes I miss the most obvious things.

It took this post by Phil over at Make it Great to turn the light on. My ten year old had mastered the basics, and I missed it.

My 10 year old, with the help of her 6 year old sister, had drawn a beautiful series of castles. Colorful and bright, they even had the royalty that lived there. Evidently, these castles were my new listings – and Madison was going to teach me how to sell them.

Three Tips to Real Estate

  1. Use good manners
  2. Niceness
  3. Have fun at it

I guess that about sums it up – and not just in the real estate market.  I mean, obviously there are other things…but without these three, I find it hard to believe the others will hold much water.


  1. Phil Gerbyshak says:

    That about sums up any sales or customer service experience. Nicely done April (and children of April!) Kids sure say the darndest things, huh?

  2. It is a constant education out of the mouths of babes. I am lucky they need me – I would be far less interesting without them.

  3. Donna Cutting says:

    Madison sounds like she has a lot of wisdom. Perhaps she got it from her Mom?

    Donna Cutting
    aka Gal Morale

  4. I would like to think she did – but something tells me she is going to be smarter than me

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