Bloggy Contest Results

Bloggy Contest Results

Big congrats to Lani Anglin.  Hubby picked her name out of the hat Tupperware bowl first thing this morning.  I can’t wait to send her Rosa’s book.

And, since you are dying to know…here are the answers to the bloggy challenge:

  • Kekuewa (Kay cu eva) – “Sassy”
  • Kauailani (kwhy ee lonnie) – “Flower from heaven”
  • Kahaunani (ka how non e) – “Morning dew in heaven”
  • Pakalana (pak uh lonna) – Pakalana is a beautiful, sweet smelling flower

Also had a lot of folks wonder what the story was behind all those Hawaiian names.  Well, my dad is Hawaiian.  My great grandma named me, and my folks carried on the tradition.  When I had children of my own, it was my desire to do so as well.

  • My oldest was given mine
  • The next two are named after two of my aunties
  • Our baby got the middle name “Pakalana” after Mark asked if she could have his initials.  Pakalana is the name of two of the greatest women I know.

And there’s the story.  Can’t wait to figure out when the next bloggy contest will be


  1. What luck! BTW, my name IS Hawaiian (for those who don’t know) and means “heaven” or “sky” depending on which dictionary you use. My Hawaiian grandmother said it means “from heaven” or “heavenly”… nice!

    Thank you April, I’ll owe y’all a review!

  2. What a beautiful tradition!

  3. Lani – from heaven is what my great grandma would say 🙂 I can’t wait to hear how you like it.

    Mappy – Thanks. I have to say that all of my sisters have followed it, sorta. Sorta is the baby sister – her husband is Samoan so all of their children have Samoan middle names…very cool.

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