The Benefit of Phenom Friends – The Challenge Trackback

The Benefit of Phenom Friends – The Challenge Trackback

I have some great friends.  I consider them to be my safety rope in the Chaos.  They keep me from going it alone.  I have been fortunate to make some really good ones – both here on the blogiverse, and in my local area.

Good friends challenge you.  They encourage you to be a better person. More than that, they expend of themselves to see that you succeed.

Lani and I email each other on a regular basis. There are no topics off limit. As such, they remain fairly private – we are both very responsible about what we will and won’t put on the net for anonymous viewing. However, we thought it would be neat to motivate each other to make positive difference – and those types of movements are incredibly blog worthy.

Last week, over on Making Life Work for You, I talked about personal responsibility.  It was the first attempt at an idea Lani and I have been brainstorming over. When she mentioned it, I immediately thought of the conversation Liz and Dawud are having. It’s cool – you should check it out.

So, this is home base. Whenever Lani or I become inspired to post about something we learned (or relearned), we’ll post it and link back here. We invite you to join us.


  1. Hi April,
    What a great idea! I bet the further you get into it, the more you find it’s giving back to you. Dawud and I are really learning a lot from what we’re doing. Thank you so much for sharing our conversation with the folks who read your blog. 🙂

  2. I second Liz. We both feel like we’re just tipping the iceberg of some interesting directions and possibilities. And we’re having a lot of fun carrying the conversation between our blogs. It’s pretty neat that Liz can ask me a question on her blog which I, in turn, answer on my blog and then ask her a question back related to the topic. This is our one2one conversation.

    Thanks for sharing our conversation with your readers. And please let me know how this idea works for you.

  3. Liz and Dawud – you guys are doing an incredible thing. I appreciate your out of the box thinking and generous spirits.


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